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Yokohama ADVAN Sport V107 Tire

Yokohama ADVAN Sport V107 Tire

Yokohama’s ADVAN Sport V107



  • Ultra-high-performance Sedans & Coupés, EVs and SUVs


  • YOKOHAMA´s new flagship tyre will be launched on 24th February 2022 at 12:00hrs! Keep watching this space: https://www.y-yokohama.com/brand/tire/advan/v107lp/
  • Excellent dry grip and impressive wet braking performance
  • Ensuring high levels of reactivity, providing precise steering with driving stability when cornering, even at high speed
  • Premium touch, stylish dark design effect on the sidewall


  • Exclusive new Tread Pattern
  • Improved Mound Profile
  • Matrix Body Ply Structure – high-rigidity rayon carcass material
  • Special new Compound – Ultra Micro Silica + Silica dispersed material



1. Improved Mound Profile: Optimises cross-sectional shape to ensure uniform ground contact pressure. Enhances stability at high speeds.

2. New shape of silent sipes: Thin slits positioned on the inside of the ribs suppress external vehicle noise.

3. Variable width circumferential grooves (wider 3+1 main grooves): Exceptional hydroplaning resistance at high speeds.

4. High-rigidity wide shoulder: Improves pattern rigidity at ultra-high speeds, realises powerful grip on dry.



New structure equipped with proprietary united belt cover

1. High rigidity steel belts: Steel belts prevent the carcass from turning up at high speeds and improve stability

2. Matrix body-ply: It offers improved circumferential rigidity for optimum steering stability.

3. Rayon body-ply: The high-spec rayon within the body meets the demands of European car manufacturers for original equipment tyres.

4. United belt cover: Highly rigid aramid fiber is used for the first time for a Yokohama replacement tyre. It improves steering stability on dry roads.



The Mound Profile optimizes cross-sectional shape to ensure uniform contact pressure. It enhances stability at high speeds.

Graphic: Before contact with road surface

Conventional tyre (V105S): Includes slight “R-shape” on each block. Optimised “R-shape” from shoulder to centre in each area.

New ADVAN Sport V107: More rounded “R-shape” on each block.



Above graphic: Conventional tyre (V105S)

ADVAN Sport V107: More optimal ground contact pressure.

In order for the ground contact pressure to be proportionate when making contact with the road surface, the cross-sectional shape of the tread was optimized.



In order to provide stronger grip performance, the contact shape of the tyre is square, which increases road contact area. This is largely achieved by both the block area and groove area.

Footprint of ADVAN Sport V107


Comparison: Footprint of a Conventional YOKOHAMA tyre



Steering precision without compromising comfort. Contributes to performance on DRY, conveying power to the road´s surface.

High rigidity rayon carcass material: Reduces energy loss, contributes to fuel efficiency. Reduces deformation, contributes to greater operability.



Enhances grip performance through Ultra Microsilica + Silica dispersed material.

  1. Functionalised polymer + high strength polymer: Highly-strengthened and highly dispersive new blended polymer achieves to improve dry and wet performance.
  2. New silane coupling agent: Adopting new silane coupling agent, finely-balanced silica improves wet grip.
Yokohama ADVAN Sport V105 Tire

Yokohama ADVAN Sport V105 Tire


For those who demand the best from their sports cars and performance sedans, the Yokohama ADVAN Sport V105 delivers. With maximum grip in both wet and dry conditions, a quiet ride and long tread life, this is a global prestige sport tire you can trust to do it all.


Yokohama ADVAN Fleva V701 Tire

Yokohama ADVAN Fleva V701 Tire

Emotional Handling
Most advanced ADVAN profile
Profile adapted from the ADVAN Sport V105.
Improvement of the steering stability by high speed range requested by European car manufacturer.
Improvement of optimization of the ground contact.

(A)S.drive AS01 (B)ADVAN FLEVA V701

Differentiating between the pitch layout for the shoulder and center
Increased tread pattern stiffness realizes a more direct feeling to handling.
Optimized ground contact area.
Reduces tire noise, and enhances ride quietness.

(A)2 in1 contrasting pitch (B)60pitch (C)30pitch

  • 1Dry braking [m]
  • 2Dry steering stability [yaw rate, steering angle]
  • (B)Our conventional product (AS01)
  • (C)Improved by
Extreme Wet Grip
Directional pattern enhances water evacuation.
Expels water when driving on wet roads and improves drainage.
  • Image:(A)
  • Image:(B)
  • Image:(C)
  • (A)Claw groove
  • (B)Wide sword groove
  • (C)Lightning-shaped straight groove
Low Noise Sport Tire
Non-penetrating lug groove pattern increases overall performance.In contrast to the main groove, the non-penetrating lug grooves increased performance in a variety of ways.
Suppresses popping noise for a quieter ride.
Suppresses heel & toe friction, as well as noise caused by tire friction.
Increases block stiffness & enhances the direct feeling of handling.
EU grading up to C/A.

  • 1Pattern noise
  • 2Road noise
  • (B)Our conventional product (AS01)
  • (C)Noise energy reduction rate:
Cool & Attractive Design
A direction pattern offers an attractive and aggressive look.

1Directional tread pattern features a directional tread pattern with more edges facing the road surface.
A direction pattern offers an attractive and aggressive look.2 Lightning-shaped straight groovesLightning-shaped straight grooves[The main grooves have more edge components through a lightning-shaped design.
In addition to the improved traction, this delivers excellent hydroplaning resistance.3 Claw groovesThe claw grooves push aside water at corners.
The groove design increases effective groove length.4 Wide sword groovesThe lug grooves have more edge components.
The non-penetrating lug groove increases block stiffness and enhances the direct feeling of handling.
Yokohama ADVAN A052 Sports Tire

Yokohama ADVAN A052 Sports Tire

When you absolutely have to finish first, the competition-silencing ADVAN A052® is your one-way ticket to the podium. This race-ready, extreme performance summer tire delivers physics-defying levels of grip, making a statement on the street and a standout on the track.
Yokohama ADVAN Neova AD08RS

Yokohama ADVAN Neova AD08RS


The “ADVAN NEOVA AD08RS”, a street sports tyre.

A re-engineered version of the “ADVAN NEOVA AD08R”, the “ADVAN NEOVA AD08RS” has been fine-tuned to meet Europe’s ECE R117-02 S2WR2 regulation* and raise its environmental performance.
While keeping the tread pattern that earned the “ADVAN NEOVA AD08R” a strong reputation for excellent control in dry and wet conditions and superior abrasion resistance, the “ADVAN NEOVA AD08RS” uses a new compound that reduces rolling resistance.
The new tyre achieves an excellent handling and low fuel consumption that will fully satisfy driving enthusiasts craving for “speed & fun”.

* ECE R117-02 is an international standard established in June 2010 by the UNECE (United Nations Economic Commission for Europe) that stipulates technical requirements for tyre noise, rolling resistance and wet grip performance.

very special with steel reinforcements at the flanks, thus maximizing rigidity during strong cornering support.


  • Club racers
  • Sport cars
  • Tuning


  • Sporty feeling
  • The street-legal tyre complies with European standard for rolling resistance
  • Stability and fast response during high-speed driving
  • Faster than ever, from the 1st lap, keeping performance
  • More controllable than ever, excellent cornering force


  • The fine-tuned compound for sportiness
  • Sequential Round Groove for long-life grip
  • Uni-block Shoulder for rigidity of the tread
  • Groove-in-Groove for even wear and stability
Fuel Efficiency D
Wet Grip B – C
External Noise Class B
External Noise Value (dB) 70 – 72





Forces from the road surface are spread and dissipated by the Round Grooves to improve the mileage.
The positioning of the Grooves is also effective in draining water on wet surfaces.



Using circumferentially continuous Single Shoulder Blocks without any gabs, rigidity at tread is increased, ensuring a powerful grip.



Micro Grooves on the Main Groove Walls ease the stress on each block edge, reducing uneven wear of the tyre and increasing stability when driving under harsh conditions.


The tyres were developed using high performance compounds which become brittle at low temperatures, and therefore should not be used in certain conditions. The tyres thus must be stored or used only at temperatures at or above 14°F (minus 10°C) to maintain performance characteristics and avoid any damage to the tyres or injury to persons or property.

This new tire offers a maximum grip for maximum pleasure!

Yokohama Logos, set of 4, permanent kit for 17″ to 19″ tyres

Yokohama Logos, set of 4, permanent kit for 17″ to 19″ tyres

Application Instructions

  • Locate the smoothest section of your tire sidewall.
  • Clean the tire sidewall thoroughly with acetone or brake cleaner, until no dirt or oil is picked up with the rag. If your tire is not new, don’t hesitate to use light sandpaper to roughen surface. This step is crucial to guarantee long term durability. Repeat this step as many times as necessary.
  • Gently clean the back of the decals with acetone of brake cleaner.
  • Apply FleXement adhesive on the backside of each decal. Cover the whole letter’s surface rigorously.
  • Hold decals in place and apply firm pressure with your fingertips for 30 seconds. Apply no more than 3 or 4 letters at a time for the best results (the glue can dry with air contact).
  • Repeat previous step until all letters are applied.
  • Once fully applied, allow decal to rest for five minutes, then carefully remove clear transfer film. Check for edges that need touching up with adhesive. If an area was missed, apply a small amount of adhesive to seal edges of each letter.
  • Once all edges are sealed, allow decals to sit for a minimum of one hour before driving or washing (12 hours ideally).
  • Send us your pictures !

Application Video

Yokohama Homologation for Stretched and Wide Tires

This document allows you to go beyond what is authorized by Swiss legal reglementations by half (0,5) an inch.

For example, a Yokohama Ad08r Tire with 205/50R15 size is only allowed to legally go on an 7.5 Inch wheel maximum. With this certificate, you get the right to go to 8inches with the same tire!

This also works for tires that are too wide by 0.5 inch.

Since not all tires and sizes have a certificate, please ask us for advice before purchasing this products and/or your tires.

Yokohama ADVAN Neova AD08R (Discontinued)

Yokohama ADVAN Neova AD08R (Discontinued)

ADVAN NEOVA AD08R (Discontinued)

New! The AD08RS has replaced this tire! Please check here: *New* Yokohama AD08RS

R: a revolution from the competition Competitive technologies evolve constantly, in search of performance and safety. The ADVAN NEOVA AD08R represents the synthesis of these technologies acquired by YOKOHAMA on numerous competitions and championships. A tread with a unique design The particular tread pattern is maintained, and the ADVAN NEOVA AD08R still benefits from its directional design is completely dedicated to performance. A massive shoulder provides increased rigidity in cornering support while providing a powerful grip. The sequences of the rounded grooves effectively disperse the forces while allowing optimal drainage in the rain. A Conception resulting from the competition YOKOHAMA strong of its experience in W.T.C.C. championship since 2006, has developed a new rubber compound composed of Micro-Silica that improves traction and grip while providing exceptional resistance to wear. Thus the ADVAN NEOVA allows a balance between grip and endurance close to perfection. The carcass of the tire is also very special with steel reinforcements at the flanks, thus maximizing rigidity during strong cornering support. This new tire offers a maximum grip for maximum pleasure!

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