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Yokohama ADVAN Neova AD08R (Discontinued)

    Yokohama ADVAN Neova AD08R semi-slick tires (Discontinued)

    ADVAN NEOVA AD08R (Discontinued)

    New! The AD08RS has replaced this tire! Please check here: *New* Yokohama AD08RS

    R: a revolution from the competition Competitive technologies evolve constantly, in search of performance and safety. The ADVAN NEOVA AD08R represents the synthesis of these technologies acquired by YOKOHAMA on numerous competitions and championships. A tread with a unique design The particular tread pattern is maintained, and the ADVAN NEOVA AD08R still benefits from its directional design is completely dedicated to performance. A massive shoulder provides increased rigidity in cornering support while providing a powerful grip. The sequences of the rounded grooves effectively disperse the forces while allowing optimal drainage in the rain. A Conception resulting from the competition YOKOHAMA strong of its experience in W.T.C.C. championship since 2006, has developed a new rubber compound composed of Micro-Silica that improves traction and grip while providing exceptional resistance to wear. Thus the ADVAN NEOVA allows a balance between grip and endurance close to perfection. The carcass of the tire is also very special with steel reinforcements at the flanks, thus maximizing rigidity during strong cornering support. This new tire offers a maximum grip for maximum pleasure!


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