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Hello Car Enthusiast,

Due to the increase in demand and also due to the fact that we are more and more working with the Lotus community, we’ve decided to start promoting and trying to find new cool parts for this platform.

 Another key  element  for this new direction is a new company car that is coming soon… If you aren’t already, check the Jesse Spec Youtube Channel and make sure to subscribe to not miss the news!

Here is a good video to show you how we are implicated with the Lotus Platform and what we find attractive about it. Enjoy!


Now that you know what we are talking about, here are a few modifications we would recommend for your Lotus car:

First: Wheels and Tires!
Our recommended choice is as follows:
Wedssport TC105X Racing Wheels in 16inch in Front and 17 Inch in the rear. These high-end lightweight wheels are road legal for Swiss usage and considerably reduce your unsprung masses and your rotational masses as well! For tires, the ultimate street and circuit multi-usage tire is the Yokohama ADVAN NEOVA AD08RS, also road legal for Street use. Get long tire usage and excellent Grip with the AD08RS on your Lotus!

Next is Suspension!

Don’t get us wrong, the stock suspension is really good and gives awesome performance straight out of the box. However, If you want to lower your car and get some adjustability regarding damping, we would recommend the Bc-Racing BR Type Suspension kits. These coil-overs have been tested by us and even if its an unusual choice on a Lotus, when you factor in the Price and Quality you get for your money, this is an excellent alternative to other brands. We at Hanshin-Imports have tested them and have gotten them approved for street usage in Switzerland.


What about the Brakes?

Dixcel Japan has some really good brake pads and rotors for your Lotus. Our favorite parts and the best sellers are our Dixcel Z type brake pads. These work from 0 to 850°C and improve considerably the brake performance and feel. We also sell very often the Dixcel SD Type Rotors that are Slotted Rotors including Swiss homologation. The slots give you an extra 20% in braking force to your already very decent brakes.


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