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Toyota GT86 / Subaru BRZ

The Toyota 86 / GT86 and Subaru BRZ are an ideal platform of the tuning enthusiast. At Hanshin-Imports we admit with pride that these vehicles have a soft spot in our hearts. We’d even consider that we specialize in these cars. Owning our own Toyota GT86 HKS Supercharger Demo car and having built many of them, we have all tuning solutions available for you, including Supercharger kits, In house engine mapping on our Dyno, suspensions, brakes, Wheels, Tires, and lots more.

Do you own a Japanese Import car?

Having imported our fare share of JDM Legends such as Nissan Skylines, Toyota, Supras, Toyota Chasers, Toyota Soarers, Mazda Rx7 FDs and more, we have built a supply chain to accommodate these cars with maintenance parts and many road legal tuning parts. Visit our online store to see what we have to offer!

Weds Maverick Wheels

Do you like pure JDM 2 Piece Custom wheels for your car? Weds Wheels Japan makes order-made 2 Piece Wheels to suit almost any car and produce them in 2 to 4 weeks. If you are after the just-right size, this wheel brand is worth checking. As you can see on our demo car: Toyota Chaser JZX100, the craftsmanship of these wheels is to very high standards and has nothing to envy of other very popular 2 Piece Wheels rom Japan.

Toyota GR Yaris

Finally! The New Toyota Yaris GR is here! All of you who have tried this little Pocket Rocket know how exciting this car is! And what even better, is that the aftermarket manufacturers are putting lots of effort in developing parts for this car! Already, parts such as wheels, coil-overs, springs, brakes, exhausts, and many other parts are in development or even released! Make sure to check in regularly because new parts are being added daily to our online shop!

New! Nardi & Personal Steering Wheels

There is a simple question that needs to be answered: “What is the part of your car that you will most likely spend time touching and looking at in your car?” Usually, if you drive your car, it’s your steering wheel. This brings us to Nardi & Personal steering wheels! These beauties feel great when you hold them and give a really high-end touch to your project car! Since this is such an important part of the car, it’s worth the extra money to get things right directly!

Our Top Brands

Key Brands that we import and distribute

Yokohama Sports & Racing Tires

Advan Neova, AD08RS, Advan Sport, A052…

Racing Wheels by Weds

Wedssport, Maverick, Kränze, Superstar….

Dixcel Performance Brakes

SD Type Rotors, Z Type Brake pads, street or racing…

Bc-Racing Suspension and Coil overs

BR Series, RM Series, ER Series… CHF road legal

OS Giken Racing Parts

Racing Clutches, LSD’s, Racing Engine & more…

Fujitsubu Exhausts

Best exhausts from Japan. Catbacks, downpipes…

Tomei Powered Racing Parts

The engine specialist, pistons, cams, exhausts & more

Valenti Japan

Tail Lamps, Head lights, LED, HID & More…

Nardi & Personal Steering Wheels

Hand made in Italy, Racing or Street steering wheels…

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