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Yokohama ADVAN Neova AD09


Yokohama’s Semi-slick tyres for street use!

ADVAN Neova AD09

ADVAN Neova AD09


  • Dry High Grip High Speed Handling Asymmetric
Asymmetric tread pattern


IN-SIDE for WET Performance
Increase the groove area
Wide wavy grooves enable enhanced drainage performance.
Displays exceptional hydroplaning resistance at high speeds.
ATuning in/out groove angle to enhance block rigidity

BSmoothing block edge
Improving wear performance and keeping wet performance.
OUT-SIDE for DRY Performance
Increase the contact area
Improved pattern rigidity through wide shoulders and greater road contact area ensure enhanced performance in the dry.
Technical part
More round profile and Two-Layered
belt cover achieve both high rigidity
and high cornering force.

1 Profile More round Black: AD08 Blue: AD09 Red: Competitor 2 Belt covercover 2 layers AD08R AD09

Contact Shape with road surface
Improve dry performance and steering stability at
high speed.
AD08R AD09 high Contact pressure Cornering Force Slip Angle
AD08R AD09
Premium design with YOKOHAMA crafting
IA special tooling process in the molds combined with the YOKOHAMA group’s unique expertise has led to the development of stylish dark design.


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