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Yokohama ADVAN Fleva V701 Tire


Give your car the efficient performance it demands with our confidence-inspiring ADVAN Fleva V701. With an aggressive tread design and road-hugging silica-infused compound, this high-performance summer tire handles wet and dry conditions like a pro.

Emotional Handling
Most advanced ADVAN profile
Profile adapted from the ADVAN Sport V105.
Improvement of the steering stability by high speed range requested by European car manufacturer.
Improvement of optimization of the ground contact.

(A)S.drive AS01 (B)ADVAN FLEVA V701

Differentiating between the pitch layout for the shoulder and center
Increased tread pattern stiffness realizes a more direct feeling to handling.
Optimized ground contact area.
Reduces tire noise, and enhances ride quietness.

(A)2 in1 contrasting pitch (B)60pitch (C)30pitch

  • 1Dry braking [m]
  • 2Dry steering stability [yaw rate, steering angle]
  • (B)Our conventional product (AS01)
  • (C)Improved by
Extreme Wet Grip
Directional pattern enhances water evacuation.
Expels water when driving on wet roads and improves drainage.
  • Image:(A)
  • Image:(B)
  • Image:(C)
  • (A)Claw groove
  • (B)Wide sword groove
  • (C)Lightning-shaped straight groove
Low Noise Sport Tire
Non-penetrating lug groove pattern increases overall performance.In contrast to the main groove, the non-penetrating lug grooves increased performance in a variety of ways.
Suppresses popping noise for a quieter ride.
Suppresses heel & toe friction, as well as noise caused by tire friction.
Increases block stiffness & enhances the direct feeling of handling.
EU grading up to C/A.

  • 1Pattern noise
  • 2Road noise
  • (B)Our conventional product (AS01)
  • (C)Noise energy reduction rate:
Cool & Attractive Design
A direction pattern offers an attractive and aggressive look.

1Directional tread pattern features a directional tread pattern with more edges facing the road surface.
A direction pattern offers an attractive and aggressive look.2 Lightning-shaped straight groovesLightning-shaped straight grooves[The main grooves have more edge components through a lightning-shaped design.
In addition to the improved traction, this delivers excellent hydroplaning resistance.3 Claw groovesThe claw grooves push aside water at corners.
The groove design increases effective groove length.4 Wide sword groovesThe lug grooves have more edge components.
The non-penetrating lug groove increases block stiffness and enhances the direct feeling of handling.


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