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Greddy F2 5W50 SM-CF Engine Oil


Racing oil for high power turbocharged and NA cars

Available in 1L, 4L and 20L

Greddy F2 5W50 SM-CF Engine Oil - Fully Synthetic

Wide-range Racing Oil for high power turbocharged and NA cars

  • With its special oil film characteristics, this wide-range motorsports-specific oil provides a strong oil film at high temperatures and high loads that hard-tuned engines are exposed to, whilst demonstrating excellent low-temperature fluidity. It uses the「GReddy Dual Synthetic Formulation」, which is a mixture of heat resistant and high lubricity esters, with PAO, and is formulated with an extremely small amount of high performance VII (Viscocity Improver) which has outstanding shear stability, allowing high boost turbocharged cars and high revving NA cars to be pushed to the limit, whilst maintaining stable oil pressure and providing excellent lubrication and protection at both low-temperatures and extreme heat conditions which are seen on the track etc.
  • This SM-CF class oil, has been specially tuned for Trust by using a DI (Detergent-Inhibitor) additive. It demonstrates high level oxidation stability, abrasion resistance, detergent dispersing qualities, corrosion resistance, anti-rust qualities and anti-foaming characteristics.
  • By combining organomolybdenum friction reducing agents, this oil provides a low and stable coefficient of friction. Despite being of higher viscosity, this oil demonstrates low viscous drag, improving throttle response throughout the whole rev range.
  • The GReddy F2 5W-50 oil is intended for cars with large turbines, car with increased boost, stock turbo cars and hard-tuned NA cars used at the track etc. and is ideal for sports driving to street driving.
  • Recommended for users of high power cars, who also care about performance on start-up.

F2 5W-50 Price List

1L 17501203
4L 17501204
20L 17501205

Product Characteristics

SAE viscosity number standard kinematic viscosity mm2/S(cSt) Flash point Viscosity index pour point ℃
40℃ 100℃
5W-50 SM-CF 117.2 18.50 236 177 Under -42.5

greddy oils chart

*Pictured: size 4L

Additional information

Weight 5 kg

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