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GReddy Oil Cooler Kit Standard GR Yaris

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    GReddy Oil Cooler Kit Standard GR Yaris 

    • In order to achieve the highest cooling effect the oil cooler core is placed in front of the radiator, which has wind channeled to it when the car is running.
      Testing at Tsukuba circuit at a temperature of 33°C, showed that a stock vehicle exceeded 130 °C on just the 4th lap and reached the limit of 135 ° C by the 7th lap, but the GReddy oil cooler equipped vehicle had an oil temperature of 125 °C. The oil temperature was stable and the car was able to continue running. 
    •  Since the oil cooler core is placed in front of the radiator where the mounting space is narrow, a direct fitting that can reduce the fitting mounting height is utilized.
    • In addition, a large-capacity radiator (GReddy TW-R) for GR Yaris is also under development and testing. 

    【Product specifications】 

    • Oil cooler core 10 rows (clear blue paint) 
    • Built-in thermostat (Operating temperature 75℃~82℃±2℃) 
    • EARL'S Prolite350 (#10) 
    • GReddy Fitting 

    ※ Some trimming of reinforcement is necessary for installation.
    ※ Some trimming of Radiator upper air guide plate is necessary for installation. 

    Installation Time : 5.0H 

    ≪Included parts/accessories≫ 

    • Oil Cooler core (10 Row) 
    • Hose (1520㎜/1260㎜) 
    • Fitting (30°/30°/90°/120°) 
    • Oil Block (TYPE-E) 
    • Dedicated stay set
    Compatible Vehicles】Toyota GR Yaris
     Chassis : GXPA16
     Engine : G16E-GTS
     Year : 20.09~

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