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GReddy Super D4 Brake Fluid – 1L


    Ideal for street and circuit use, and tuned cars with reinforced brakes.

    Available in 1L

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    GReddy Super D4 Brake Fluid 1 Liter

    • Developed with emphasis on excellent vapor lock resistance performance and stable pedal touch during sports driving with continuous hard braking.
      Achieves a dry boiling point of 318°C and a wet boiling point of 210°C (typical property values), which significantly exceed the requirements of the DOT4 standard.
      Achieves outstanding high temperature performance and durability.
    • A rigid pedal feel is achieved by optimizing the viscosity setting.
      In addition, it satisfies the low-temperature performance required by the standard while possessing excellent high-temperature performance, and transmits stable stopping power to the brake system under all conditions, from extremely low temperatures to severe high temperatures.
    • GReddy BRAKE FLUID SUPER D4 is a high-performance brake fluid that is ideal for street use, as well as sports driving such as circuits on tuning cars equipped with a reinforced brake system.

    Contents: 1L

    • CODE: 17501234
    DOT4 reference standard value GReddy BRAKE FLUID SUPER D4
    Dry boiling point (°C) 260 or more 318
    Wet boiling point (°C) 180 or more 210
    -40°C kinematic viscosity (mm2/s) 1800 or less 1689

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