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GReddy F3 RE-Spec 10W40 SL Rotary Engine Oil – 5L


    Racing oil for rotary turbo/ NA Cars

    Available in 5L.

    Available on backorder

    GReddy F3 10W40 SM-CF Engine Oil

    Sports Oil for RE-Turbo & RE-NA

    • The rotary turbo's high boost pressure and the rotary NA's high-temperature oil film properties (that form a strong oil film when running at high speeds) maintain airtightness within the combustion chamber.
      In addition, high lubricity and optimized viscosity settings achieve a sharp response unique to rotary. A high-performance motorsport oil that effectively lubricates and protects high-spec RE, bringing out its full potential.
    • By upgrading the base oil to a synthetic base, ``GReddy Synthetic Composite Formulation,'' Greddy has succeeded in significantly improving high-temperature properties, low-temperature fluidity, and viscosity index.
      A stable oil film is formed inside the engine over the entire temperature range from immediately after starting to high temperatures.
    • Contains high-performance DI additives that achieve low ashing while maintaining high cleanliness and dispersibility, suppressing sludge generation on the rotor and rotor housing walls and reducing attacks on seals.
      Provides excellent engine protection.
    • GReddy F3 RE-SPEC is ideal for sports driving and street driving in normal/light-tuned rotary turbo cars and rotary NA cars that use high rotation.
    • Greddy provides this oil in 5L cans, taking into account the need to add additional oil when the oil level is low due to combustion, etc.
    CONTENT CODE Package
    5L 17501225 4 cans


    SAE viscosity number standard kinematic viscosity mm2/S(cSt) Flash point Viscosity index pour point ℃
    40℃ 100℃
    10W-40 SL 95.2 14.02 224 153 -42.5

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