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GReddy F2 0W40 SM-CF Engine Oil


Racing oil for high power/ high Revving NA Cars

Available in 1L, 4L and 20L

GReddy F2 0W40 SM-CF Engine Oil

Racing Oil for High Power and High Revving NA Cars

  • Aimed at high power and high-revving NA engines, it provides stable oil pressure and reduced viscous drag. This oil was developed with the concept of sharp respone and inhibition of power-loss. It uses the「GReddy Dual Synthetic Formulation」,and has high level oil film-retention properties at high temperatures and good fluidity at low temperatures providing excellent lubrication and protection and both low-temperatures and extreme heat conditions. Furthermore it has outstanding shear stability whilst maintaining stable oil pressure. For cars with variable valve timing systems, even at the limit, this allows such engines to perform at their full potential.
  • SM-CF class oil with a high performance DI additive. It demonstrates high level oxidation stability, abrasion resistance, detergent dispersing qualities, corrosion resistance, anti-rust qualities and anti-foaming characteristics.
  • By combining organomolybdenum friction reducing agents, this oil provides a low and stable coefficient of friction. It reduces power loss which occurs due to friction and improves throttle response throughout the whole rev range.
  • The GReddy F2 0W-40 oil is suited to hard-tuned, light-tuned and stock NA cars (especially cars with variable valve timing) used at the track etc. and is ideal for sports driving to street driving.

F2 0W-40 List

1L 17501213
4L 17501214
20L 17501215

Product Characteristics

SAE viscosity number standard kinematic viscosity mm2/S(cSt) Flash point Viscosity index pour point ℃
40℃ 100℃
0W-40 SM-CF 66.7 13.32 228 206 Under -47.5

greddy oils chart

*Pictured: size 4L

Additional information

Weight 5 kg

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