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GReddy 85W140 GL5 Limited Slip Differential Oil


Long-term differential protection and reduces transmission noise

Available in 1L and 20L

GReddy Gear Oil 85W-140 GL-5 MINERAL BASE LSD Compatible Mineral Oil

For FR/4WD vehicles equipped with differentials with LSD.

Ideal for sports driving from street to circuit.

  • A mineral-based LSD-compatible gear oil that has high extreme pressure properties and durability, and was developed with the aim of maximizing the performance of LSD-equipped differentials.
  • The viscosity grade is set to a high viscosity grade of 85W-140, assuming that it will be used in differential gears that are exposed to high temperatures and high loads and have a small amount of oil. By using high-quality base oil and optimizing viscosity settings, it exhibits excellent oil film retention performance even under harsh conditions such as sports driving.
  • Optimally blended with LSD Booster that exhibits excellent friction adjustment function. It achieves smooth cornering by balancing chattering suppression and LSD effectiveness at a high level.
  • GReddy Gear Oil 85W-140 is a gear oil that is ideal for sports driving from streets to circuits in FR/4WD vehicles equipped with LSD differentials.

Representative properties

viscosity number
standard Kinematic viscosity mm2/S (cSt) Flash point ℃ viscosity index Pour point ℃
40℃ 100℃
85W-140 GL-5 400.9 28.63 214 99 -15.0


Internal capacity CODE Packing vol.
1L 17501239 12 cans
20L 17501240 Pail

Additional information

Weight 5 kg



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