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GReddy High Performance Coolant EG – 4L


    All season use, ethylene glycol with anti-foaming & anti-corrosion properties

    Available in 4L

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    GReddy High Performance Coolant EG

    Adopts ethylene glycol (EG), which has a high boiling point, viscosity characteristics, and excellent anti-freezing properties.

    Ethylene glycol (EG), which has excellent viscosity characteristics and anti-freezing properties, is used as the main component. The combination of PRCB special additives designed for sports driving in high-powered cars provides outstanding anti-foaming, rust-proofing, and anti-corrosion properties, and provides stable performance even under harsh conditions. Coolant.

    Formulated with special additive PRCB.

    The high defoaming performance effectively suppresses air bubbles that are generated when the water pump rotates at high speeds, which causes cavitation. Suppression of cavitation reduces damage to the engine, and suppression of foaming enables effective engine cooling and suppression of water temperature rise.

    Demonstrates high antifoaming, anti-rust, and anti-corrosion properties.

    In addition to strong anti-corrosion performance that can withstand the intense vibrations and heat loads generated by hard sports driving and high-power engines, it also has excellent anti-corrosion properties and long-lasting performance that is compatible with aluminum materials. Prevents electrolytic corrosion of aluminum alloys under high temperature and high pressure, and protects not only copper and iron materials, but also high-performance aluminum radiators and aluminum materials for a long period of time.

    Arbitrarily set the dilution rate.

    By using a highly concentrated stock solution and diluting it with water, it is possible to set the desired freezing prevention temperature (recommended concentration: 30% to 80%). It is possible to create a coolant concentration according to each application, such as the minimum temperature of the area where it is used and the cooling water capacity of the vehicle, demonstrating high cost performance.
    The recommended replacement cycle achieves a long life of 2 years. (depending on usage conditions)


    Product name CODE remarks
    High Performance Coolant EG 4L 17600011 ・Liquid color: Yellow

    ・Highly concentrated undiluted solution

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    Weight 5 kg


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