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GReddy High Performance Coolant PG


All season, propylene glycol with anti-rust & anti-corrosion properties

Available in 4L and 20L

GReddy High Performance Coolant PG

Adopts propylene glycol (PG), which has excellent heat exchange efficiency.

Adopts propylene glycol (PG) as the main ingredient, which has excellent heat response (heat exchange rate).

In order to quickly absorb and release the heat of the engine, it stabilizes the water temperature and improves the cooling performance in the severe high rotation range.

Demonstrates rust and corrosion resistance, and is compatible with copper and aluminum radiators.

In addition to strong anti-corrosion performance that can withstand hard sports driving and intense vibration and heat load generated by high-power engines, it also achieves excellent anti-corrosion properties and performance sustainability compatible with aluminum materials.

Prevents electrolytic corrosion of aluminum alloys under high temperature and high pressure, and protects not only copper and iron materials, but also high-performance aluminum radiators and aluminum materials for a long period of time.

Diluted with highly precisely purified pure water.

Uses pure water purified using reverse osmosis membranes and ion exchange resins. This pure water, which has removed impurities to the utmost limit, has the property of taking in impurities, so it can be expected to have a cleaning effect on water lines.

All season type. 2 year life cycle

An all-season type that can be used throughout the year. In addition, the recommended replacement cycle has a long life of 2 years (20,000 km). (depending on usage conditions)

Contains special additive PRCB.

The combination of special PRCB additives provides outstanding anti-foaming, rust-proofing, and anti-corrosion properties.

High antifoaming property

The high defoaming performance effectively suppresses air bubbles that are generated when the water pump rotates at high speeds, which causes cavitation. Suppression of cavitation reduces damage to the engine, and suppression of foaming enables effective engine cooling and suppression of water temperature rise.

Freezing temperature -40℃

The freezing temperature is set at -40°C. While thoroughly pursuing performance in the high temperature range as a sports coolant, it also balances low temperature performance as an antifreeze liquid at a high level, so you can use it all year round without worrying about the outside temperature.

Product name CODE Remarks
High Performance Coolant PG 4L 17600001 ・Liquid color: Blue


High Performance Coolant PG 20L 17600002

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Weight 5 kg



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