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GReddy F3 10W40 SM-CF Engine Oil


Racing oil for turbo/ NA Cars

Available in 1L, 4L and 20L

GReddy F3 10W40 SM-CF Engine Oil

Sports Oil for TURBO / NA cars

  • In a high temperature, the high load by the high-power turbo &NA car, Heat restrains whom in high temperature oil slick properties and superior oil pressure stability to form a strong oil slick.
    This high performance motor sports oil lubricates a high performance engine effectively and protect for drawing original performance fully.
  • High temperature characteristic, low temperature fluidity, viscosity index have largely improved by the upgraded base oil GReddy Synthetic Composite Formulation.
    From the start immediately to a high temperature level, a stable oil slick in the engine inside have been coated in all temperature domains.
  • SM-CF class oil with a high performance DI additive. It demonstrates high level oxidation stability, abrasion resistance, detergent dispersing qualities, corrosion resistance, anti-rust qualities and anti-foaming characteristics.
  • By combining organomolybdenum friction reducing agents, we have come up with providing a low and stable coefficient of friction.
    Throttle response is improved throughout the whole rev range.
  • GReddy F3 10W-40 oil is intended for cars with normal, light-tuned turbo cars, NA cars, and is ideal for sports driving to street driving.
    Also this is intended for big capacity cars, imported cars with compressor by the high speed cruising.

F3 10W-40 Size List

1L 17501218
4L 17501219
20L 17501220


SAE viscosity number standard kinematic viscosity mm2/S(cSt) Flash point Viscosity index pour point ℃
40℃ 100℃
10W-40 SM-CF 90.7 14.09 226 168 -37.5

greddy oils chart

*Pictured: size 4L

Additional information

Weight 5 kg

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