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GReddy ATF Pro Type J1 Synth Oil 20L


    Reduce operating temperatures, protect mechanical components and resist oxidation.

    Available in 20L

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    ATF PRO TYPE J1 Partially Synthetic Oil

    For Automatic cars.

    • A semi-synthetic base used for the base oil allows for excellent viscosity at any temperature. In particular, the low-temperature viscosity is significantly more resistant than conventional products. And it improves starting performance when the vehicle is cold, all while suppressing power loss by reducing the resistance inside the AT.
      Even in high-temperature ranges, the outstanding shear stability and oxidation stability protects the AT mechanism in all temperature ranges.
    • Compatible with "slip control lockup AT" or TCS (traction control system), which is the mainstream of Japanese automatic vehicles.
      The excellent latch friction characteristics of the wet clutch prevent shudder vibrations caused by slip control of the lock-up clutch that operates from low speeds over a long period of time.
      In addition, it ensures a high transmission torque capacity that is compatible with high-output vehicles. This reduces shift time, provides excellent acceleration response, and suppresses shift shock and shudder vibration, ensuring stable power transmission and smooth and quick shift changes.
    • GReddy ATF PRO TYPE J1 meets the requirements of JASO (Japan Automobile Standards Association) ATF standard 1A03 and is equivalent to Dexilon III-H. A high-performance ATF that can be used in almost all japanese AT vehicles.
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