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GReddy 75W90 GL5 Gear Oil


Ideal for sports driving from street to circuit, facilitates gear changes

Reduces transmission noise, and is compatible with LSDs

Available in 1L and 20L

GReddy Gear Oil 75W90 GL-5 MINERAL BASE LSD compatible mineral oil

For transmissions of FF, FR, MR, and 4WD vehicles, and vehicles equipped with differentials with LSD.
Ideal for sports driving from streets to circuits.
  • A mineral-based LSD compatible gear oil that offers a high level of balance between smooth shift changes, extreme pressure resistance, and durability.
  • A wide range of viscosity settings reduces the load on gears under all driving conditions, from low temperatures immediately after startup to harsh high temperatures such as during sports driving. Provides stable lubrication and protection performance.
  • Optimally blended with LSD Booster that exhibits excellent friction adjustment function. Achieves good shift feel and synchro protection performance, suppresses chattering for transaxles and differentials with LSD, and achieves smooth cornering.

Representative properties

viscosity number
standard Kinematic viscosity mm2/S (cSt) Flash point ℃ viscosity index Pour point ℃
40°C 100°C
75W-90 GL-5 85.7 14.04 208 169 -40.0

Size List: 

Internal capacity CODE Packing vol.
1L 17501237 12 cans
20L 17501238 Pail

Additional information

Weight 5 kg



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