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GReddy 5W40 Engine Oil 0540 for FA20/FA24 (GT86 & BRZ)

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Oil specially made for GT86 & BRZ engines

Available in 500ml and 5L

GReddy SPECIALIZED OIL 0540 for GT86 & BRZ (FA20/FA24)

●This is a fully synthetic oil developed with an emphasis on engine protection through excellent hydraulic stability and strong oil film retention in order to cope with the rapid rise in oil temperature during sports driving with FA20/FA24 engines.

●The base oil is a blend of three types of esters with excellent heat resistance, lubricity, and hydrolytic stability. This special ester adsorbs to metal surfaces, forming a strong oil film inside the engine. Furthermore, PAO, which has excellent low-temperature properties, is blended into the base oil to support all temperature ranges. It achieves a low-temperature pour point of -60℃, and quickly supplies oil to the engine interior for lubrication even during cold starts.

●Contains FM (Friction Modifier) ​​Booster that reduces the coefficient of friction. It acts in the boundary lubrication region where metals come into direct contact with each other, forming a film on the metal surface to reduce friction. It not only improves response, but also suppresses metal wear and frictional heat generation, and suppresses increases in oil temperature.

[Typical properties]

viscosity number
Kinematic viscosity mm2/S (cSt)
flash point
viscosity index
pour point
40℃ 100℃
5W-40 80.8 13.71 228℃ 174 -50.0℃ or less


Available in 500ml and 5.0L

  • [5w-40 0.5L] CODE: 17501268
  • [5w-40 5.0L] CODE: 17501269

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