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Greddy 15W50 SM-CF SYNTH Engine Oil


Racing oil for high power/high boost turbo

Available in 1L, 4L and 20L


Racing oil for high power/high boost turbo

  • Adopted "GReddy Tri-Ester Formulation with PAO" which combines 3 esters including complex esters and PAO for base oil.
    This special ester, which has excellent heat resistance, lubricity, and hydrolysis stability, electrically adheres to the metal surfaces inside the engine and forms a strong oil film from when the engine is stopped to when the engine is running at high temperatures and under high loads. In addition, amazing shear stability is achieved by formulation technology that does not rely on high-molecular polymers.
    It exhibits outstanding high-temperature oil film characteristics and hydraulic stability in the extreme range of hard-tuned turbo engines, effectively lubricating and protecting high-output engines.
  • DI additive is tuned exclusively for TRUST in SM-CF class.
    Demonstrates high levels of oxidation stability, wear resistance, cleaning and dispersing properties, corrosion resistance, rust prevention, and antifoaming properties.
  • Formulated with an organic molybdenum-based friction reducing agent, achieving a low and stable coefficient of friction with an exquisite balance between the highly lubricating ester and PAO base.
    Improves throttle response across the entire range.
  • GReddy F2 15W-50 is ideal for street driving, from sport driving such as circuit with large diameter turbine equipped car, boost up specification, normal turbo car.
  • Since high-temperature characteristics are emphasized, warm-up operation is required in cold weather.

F2 15W-50 available sizes:

Internal capacity CODE
1L 17501208
4L 17501209
20L 17501210
  • 100% synthetic engine oil
  • Grade 15W50
  • For high performance turbo engines

*Pictured: size 4L

Additional information

Weight 5 kg

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