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WedsSport SA-10R ZBB


Premium WedsSport Racing Wheels Made in Japan!

Swiss homologation included.



15 16 17 18 INCH
WedsSport SA-10R
WedsSport Wheels are a highly respected brand in Japan, combining a sleek Racing design and high quality metal forging (AMF). All at an affordable price for street use!
Although not the lightest of WedsSport's collection, they remain some of the lightest wheels on the market varying between 5.16kg (15inch) and 9.68kg (18x10.5 inch) wheel.
Thanks to WedsSport's AMF (Advanced Metal Forging)
The brake clearance is remarkable and customers can easily fit big brake kits without worrying about clearance issues.
  • Color: ZBB (Zebra Black Bright)
  • Weight: 5.16kg - 9.86kg
  • With each Wheel, a center cap and a valve stem is included.


sa-10r zbb wheel


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