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WedsSport TC105X: Special EU Only Limited edition 15×8 +35 4×100


Only available at Weds Wheels Europe: Special Custom Sized Wedssport TC105X!
“The TC105X is amongst the lightest wheels in the market at a very attractive price, given what you get, for the price you pay…”

Swiss homologation included.

WedsSport TC 105X available at Hanshin-Imports Sàrl in Europe and Switzerland

Wheels include:

  • Air valve


Machine-Cut to considerably Decrease overall Wheel Weight.

Weds maximises weight reduction in the inner wall of the center hub and the side of the spokes, removing unnecessary material without affecting wheel strength.

The upsized back-pad was designed to increase the contact area to hubs. It provides higher rigidity of the TC105X which enhances cornering performance and steering stability.
*The mounting surface varies according to size.

The distinctive “N-FRAME” spoke reinforcement creates greater rigidity and impact dispersion.

The anti-slip knurling reduces tire slippage under high torque and braking conditions.

Cutting the backside of the spoke further reduces weight, without sacrificing strength.

New conical barrel shape expands fitment options for big brake systems.

Brilliant Deep Coating

By employing a Vacuum-sprayed coating of aluminum paint, the TC105X achieves an overall paint thickness of 16nm (An industry first), compared to the previous standard of 50nm.

This new paint technology creates a flatter & smoother surface by reducing molecule overlapping, creating a shinier, metallic finish.
Reflective properties in the paint also allows for reduced heat retention, with the addition of silica treatment. Chemical resistance is improved to increase the durability of the finish.

The brilliant coating and vacuum deposition technology creates a colour tone which shifts with the viewing angle.


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