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RaidHP Adaptor for Performance Gauges Sandwich plate


    Combi Fitting Kit for oil-pressure & oil-temperature sensors

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    RaidHP Adaptor for Performance Gauges Sandwich plate

    Combi Fitting Kit
    To fit oil-pressure & oil-temperature sensors

    This kit contains:

    • a sensor
    • 3x thread adaptors (& adapter bolts)

    Motor connection measurement:
    • 3/4''-16
    • M18-P1.5
    • M20-P1.5
    • M22-P1.5

    This raid hp Combi Fitting Kit is ideal to fit both raid hp instruments (Oil Pressure & Oil Temperature).
    It is advised to instal this Combiset between the oil filter and the engine block. This kit does not fit in conjuction with oil filter inserts.

    This kit contains 4 different thread inserts to choose from (in correspondence with relative oilfilter thread size - to be identified there!) This makes the kit nearly universal.
    Oil pressure and or oil temperature Sensor (included in raid hp instrument kit) has to be fitted to the Combiset. In case you choose to only fit one sensor then the second opening has to be closed with adapterbolt included.

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