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HPI Multi Temp Controller


    Control Your Car’s Electric Fan With The HPI Multi Temp Kit

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    HPI Multi Temp Controller by Evolve

    • Did you install an aluminum radiator on your car and you would like to remove the standard viscous fan in order to increase engine response?
    • You don't trust your old viscous fan and would like to install an electric fan, but you don't know how to set it up so the fan is activated at the right temperature?
    • Do you want flexibility and adjustability in the activation of your electric fan setup?
    • Finally, are you looking for a simple and reliable solution to keep your water temperature under control?

    Look no further! We have exactly what you need!

    Hpi Japan has developed the Evolve Multi Temp Controller allowing you to have a stand alone management system for your fan activation control. Rejoice from free adjustability between 60°C and 120°C that will allow you to have the fan turn on at the exact temperature you want.

    How does it work?

    Install the provided sensor to your cooling system (on a hose with one of our adaptors for example or to a water pipe), ideally as close as possible to the engine, in order to get accurate reading by the sensor.

    Once you've done that part, wire everything together and install the controller where it suits you best. It is recommended, to install it within the car, so quick adjustments can be done if needed.

    For example: By setting the controller to 60°C, the device will wait until your cooling fluid reaches 60°C until the fan is activated. On the other hand, until the coolant is again below the given temperature (60°C- to 120°C), the fan will running and thus regulate the temperature of the coolant in a fully automatic manner.

    Installation time:

    30min to 1h depending on the complexity of the setup.

    Additional information

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