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    Turbo Timer for the vehicles equipped with push-start ignition.

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    The Industry's First! ※Based on HKS' internal research.
    Turbo Timer for the vehicles equipped with push-start ignition.

    Recently, as the number of vehicles equipped with compact and high-efficiency turbochargers has been increasing, the superiority of a turbocharger gains attention again.
    “Compact and high-efficiency turbocharger” rotates approximately at 160,000rpm, and the exhaust air temperature sometimes reaches approximately 800℃ under the high-speed rotation.
    After-idling is a must for a sport car and/or tuned car.  “Compact and high-efficiency turbocharger” is also exposed to severe environment like a boost-up tuned turbocharged vehicle.
    HKS Turbo Timer Push Start Type-0 is different from a conventional turbo timer; controlling CPU managing Body CPU enables this product available for those vehicles equipped with compact and high-efficiency turbochargers and push-start ignition.

    ■Product Outline
    • Management of Battery Environment
      In addition to basic turbo timer functions, "Battery voltage display" function manages a battery for a vehicle that is facing severe environment with a light-weighted and downsized battery for better fuel efficiency.
    • Convenient Improvement by New Automatic Door Lock Function
      When using a conventional turbo timer, the door must be locked using a mechanical key during after-idling, but with HKS Turbo Timer Push Start Type-0, the timer controls the door lock. This function enables a user to leave the car with the A/C working even after locking the door.

    • Flexible Installation by Separated Units
      The separated compact display unit and control unit increase a degree of freedom for installation.  The control unit is a black-based flat acrylic panel that is matched with the appearance of a stock cockpit.
    • Handbrake Sensor Safety Circuit to Ensure Safety
      Sensing the handbrake's condition prevents the vehicle from moving while Turbo Timer is working.

    • Timer Function:
      Manual 1 & 2 Mode (enables to set the after-idling time.)
      Set time: 0~10mins (at the interval of 10 sec)
    • Battery Voltage Indicator:
      Indication of the battery voltage, peak value, and warning function's ON/OFF status.
    • Automatic Door Lock Function:
      The door is locked by Turbo Timer since the key-lock does not function during after-idling. This function is optional. Set time: 1~10 sec. (at the interval of 1 sec.)
    • The factory security system will not be activated after the after-idling.
    • The automatic door lock function is to lock the door by Turbo Timer since the door cannot be locked by a key during the after-idling.

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