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Hondata k100


    The k100 is a non-user tunable solution for certain k-series ECUs.
    The k100 is only available in Europe and Asia, and is not available in North America.

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    Note: Product is discontinued

    The k100 is a non-user tunable solution for certain k-series ECUs.

    The k100 is only available in Europe and Asia, and is not available in North America. Most people are advised to consider the reflash or KPro.

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    Counterfeit warning
    It has come to our attention that counterfeit K100s are being sold as new and used. Protect yourself from purchasing a counterfeit K-100

    What is a K100?

    The K100 is a circuit board that is installed in your ECU in a similar fashion to the K-Series programmable ECU (K-Pro) at a lower cost. It allows your Hondata dealer to install a custom flash program based off any of the programs supplied with the K-Pro or any program of their own design. A dealer can also custom tune, using their K-Pro, a map specifically tailored for the customers car.

    Unlike the K-Pro, the K100 does not have datalogging nor does it have programming capability. Programming and installation are done by your Hondata dealer.

    Who is the K100 for?

    Similar to the s100 for earlier Hondas, the K100 is for people who do not need datalogging or the ability to alter the parameters inside their own ECU.

    Why would I get the K100 instead of a reflash from Hondata?

    Power - Properly tuned the K100 will make more power than any reflash.

    Customization - The K100 supports an infinite variety of custom programs. The reflash does not. When the Hondata reflashes were first released in 2002, there were very few performance aftermarket add-ons. Today there are many, and the combination of parts is beyond what a single reflash can cater for. A custom program as enabled by the K100 will allow a program to be specifically tuned for your car.

    Convenience - Up until the release of the K100, all ECUs needed to be sent to Hondata for reflashing or K-Pro installation. This involved at least three days without your car and often more for customers outside of US borders. Now through an authorized dealer, installation should take under an hour.

    Cost - Once you factor in shipping expenses the K100 will be cheaper and far more convenient to install than the reflash.

    Upgradeable - Should you wish to later upgrade to a K-Pro from a K100 you need not send your ECU to Hondata. It is very easy process taking your dealer only 15-20 minutes to upgrade.

    Are there any disadvantages to the K100?

    Previously if an ECU failed with a reflash Honda/Acura may have accepted back the ECU for warranty replacement as no hardware changes were made. With the K100, changes are made to the ECU, so Honda will most likely not accept a modified ECU back for warranty.

    Can I upgrade to a K-Pro at a later date?

    Yes, but this is not offered by Hondata.  Any upgrades are only through the dealers, and many dealers may choose not to offer this. The upgrade price is determined by the dealer as they will be trading in the K100 board inside your ECU, so discuss it with them first before you purchase the K100. A slot will need to be cut into the ECU for the USB cable to connect to the K-Pro board. The K-Pro board simply takes the place of the K100. This can be easily be done by your dealer, with no soldering involved.

    What ECUs will the K100 work in?

    The K100 will work in any ECU the K-Pro will work in, specifically:

    • PRA - Euro Civic Type R
    • PRB - 2002-2004 US RSX-S
    • PRC - Japanese DC5 Integra Type R
    • PRD - Japanese Civic Type R,
    • PND - A0# - 2002-2004 US Base RSX 5 speed
    • PNF - 2002 + Civic Si
    • PPA - A0# - 2002-2004 CRV 5 speed

    The K100 is not compatible with any V6 or automatic ECU nor any ECUs prior to 2002.

    Who can install the K100?

    Hondata, or an authorized Hondata K100 / K-Pro installer.

    Does the installer need the key and immobilizer for K100 installation?

    No, only the ECU itself is needed. The immobilizer function is not altered in any way.

    How do I become an Hondata K100 / K-Pro installer?

    To become an installer you require equipment similar to:

    • Soldering and electronics skill.
    • Binocular microscope
    • Temperature controlled soldering iron
    • Fine point soldering Tip
    • De-soldering gun
    • For the K-Pro, a mill to cut the ECU case
    • For the K-Pro a 5/8 burr / grinding bit for the mill
    • 12-13.8 V regulated Power supply for powering up an ECU on the bench.
    • Adapter harness for powering and scan tool use $100 from Hondata
    • OBD II scan tool for verification of ECU function.
    • Compatible K series ECU for testing / tuning.
    • Various other parts such as wirewrap
    • Training
    • Contact Hondata to schedule a training session.


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