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Apexi Power Intake Kit, 1991-1997 Toyota Soarer

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    Apexi Power Intake, Toyota Soarer 1JZ

    Not for road use. Without Swiss homologation.

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    Not for road use. Without Swiss homologation.


    "The Power Intake is the premier air filter designed to create pure horsepower. The intake funnels used in racing machines take advantage of a characteristic where air travels along the side of the side of surfaces. However, the center portion of the funnel is virtually unused. It is this concept that gave birth to the Dual Funnel design. A primary funnel on the top portion of the air cleaner was inserted to channel the air flow directly into the lower funnels at the base of the cleaner. This design was a huge success on the former Super Intake model. The Power Intake took this design and improved the flow characteristics. New funnel design, element material and air flow channeling characteristics make the Power Intake one of the most efficient air cleaners on the market today. By constructing the upper and lower funnel from a highly durable injected resin, engineers were able to construct the ideal shaped funnel previously not possible with the stainless steel material. Funnel shapes focused on increasing air speed without changing the flow direction of the intake air. The result is a high speed and smooth flow of air into the intake. The lower funnel has been engineered at a 14 degree curve for maximum efficiency. Also, the lower funnel position has been made even closer to the base of the cleaner to reduce drag and eliminate any _dead spotsb within the cleaner.

    The Power Intake incorporates a newly developed material (layer filter of dry density fibers) which improves the element density. This allows maximum protection from foreign materials entering the engine. Compared with past model, the Power Intake has also succeeded in decreasing its ventilation resistance by about 10% (pressure loss) for maximum performance and protection. The Power Intake is dry-type filter and is trouble free. Some of the problems associated with wet type cleaners, such as oil sticking to the air flow meter, are a thing of the past. The Power Intake is basically maintenance free. Filter replacement, when necessary, can be done at a very low cost.


    - Air filter with minimal air-flow restriction


    - Dual funnel filter system minimizes intake turbulence


    Part Number 507-T005
    Year 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997
    Make Toyota
    Model Soarer
    Body Style All
    Chassis JZZ30
    Power Intake Replacement P/N 500-A021

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    Weight 10 kg


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