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GReddy FV2 Blow Off Valve Kit for Mazda 3 MPS BK3P 2006-2009

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    GReddy “FV2” BK3P Dump Valve

    • Made in Japan, genuine Greddy item
    • “Plug & Play” kit for Mazda 3 MPS BK3P
    • Engine code : L3-VDT
    • High manufacturing quality
    • Fast response and top reliability
    • Adjustable trigger pressure and 360° rotatable body
    • Type : damp vent & return
    • Made from forged aluminium

    Available on backorder

    GReddy FV2 Blow Off Valve Kit for Mazda 3 MPS BK3P 2006-2009


    Introduced in 2021, this GReddy dump valve is a direct evolution of the former GReddy FV generation. Still made of forged aluminum and based on a dual piston conception, this new version features a revised design while ensuring 100% backward compatibility thanks to its perfectly identical flange and dimensions. A new manufacturing process ensures even more reliability, and brings two major innovations:

    • The opening pressure of the GReddy FV2 dump valve is now adjustable with a knob.
    • The body of the dump valve can be rotated 360° to facilitate its installation in narrow engine bays.

    The new GReddy FV2 blow-off valve ensures both stable idling and an extremely quick opening and closing time, even at low boost pressures. These unique abilities guarantee the highest reliability for any type of use, all while optimizing the turbo spool (maintains the rotation speed during gear changes for improved response time / anti-lag properties).

    This kit for Mazda 3 MPS BK3P was developed and approved by GReddy in Japan, and contains everything needed for a plug-and-play installation. It allows two types of installation: return or vent to atmosphere.

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