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BOSCH Premium Fuel-Oxygen Sensor 4.2 LSU


    BOSCH Premium O2 Sensors

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    Premium Wideband A/F Oxygen (O2) Sensors (17014) 1pce

    Wideband/Air-Fuel sensors perform the same function as a regular O2 sensor, but they precisely measure the amount oxygen in the exhaust rather than just switching between rich (too much fuel, not enough oxygen) and lean (too much oxygen, not enough fuel).

    These Wideband sensors use a more sophisticated sensing element that provides a signal to the vehicle’s ECU that is proportional to the amount of oxygen in the exhaust.


    • Sensor Bosch 4.2 LSU (Identical to stock sensor)
    • reference Bosch 17014
    • All fuels
    • Compatibility: Wideband, PLX, etc.
    • Pressure gauge compatible Innovate
    • No calibration required

    Key features:

    • Advanced Wideband sensing element for exact air/fuel measurement
    • Robust sensor design increases sensor longevity
    • Seared protection tube due to 100% functional quality test
    • 'True Direct-fit' OE connectors and harness
    • Recommend to use OTC 6500 Flexihead O2 Sensor Wrench

    General specifications:

    • Vehicle TypePassenger
    • Hex Size (Oxygen Sensor): 22 mm
    • Housing Material: Metal
    • Thread Diameter: 18
    • Wire Quantity: 5
    • Mounting Type: Threaded
    • Universal Or Specific Fit: Specific
    • Oxygen Sensor Type: Wide band
    • Heated (Oxygen Sensor): Yes
    • Automotive Item Weight (lbs): 0.31967 lb
    • Connector Gender: Male
    • Automotive Color / Finish: Steel
    • Connector Shape: Male Spade
    • Length (Sealing Surface To End Of Connector): 73,66cm


    Additional information

    Weight 1 kg


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