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Works Bell Toyota Steering Wheel Boss/Hub


Short Steering Wheel Boss Kit for Japanese Cars

Works Bell Toyota Steering Wheel Boss/Hub

Product Information

Worksbell's Universal Hub Kit (commonly known as a steering wheel boss/steering boss) is a product that complies with Japanese vehicle inspection standards. The deregulation of the automotive parts industry has led to a liberalization of the industry, however, consumers are required to take responsibility for the safety of their vehicles and to be able to select the most reliable products. It is not an easy task to make reliable choices for the abundance of products on the market. In the midst of such liberalization, WorksBell dares to make our products compatible with vehicle inspection. In order to ensure reliable quality, we fully use our accumulated data and know-how in terms of strength and safety to define what a boss should be.

For example, the accuracy and shape of screws and threaded holes to secure the steering wheel, the possibility of secondary damage from a driver hitting the wheel in an accident, and the selection of materials that can withstand a long life considering metal corrosion and fatigue are all taken into account. Rather than redesigning our products to meet the deregulation, we are using conventional technology for products that are compatible with new vehicle models, and we have set our own regulations to "conform to vehicle inspection standards”. The quality and design of our products can be chosen with confidence. The Universal Hub Kit is a universal hub kit for Works-Bell vehicle inspection that embodies our sincerity.
The quality and design you can choose with confidence. This is a "Universal Hub Kit" made by Works Bell, which is compatible with vehicle inspection.

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Works Bell PN:

520 For Toyota cars without airbags, 535 For Toyota cars with airbags, 537 For Toyota cars with airbags, 539 For Toyota cars with airbags, 540 For Toyota cars with airbags, 542 For Toyota cars with airbags, 550 For Toyota cars with airbags



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