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Second generation of the original ball-locking quick release system.

Works Bell rapfix2 hub boss


・There is no rattling after installing the steering wheel.
・Even if you install it without taking into consideration the steering angle, it can be fixed at the top position, so there is no installation error.
・The horn wiring can be attached and detached with one touch at the same time as the steering wheel attachment and detachment.
・You can choose your favorite color variation, etc.

Since its launch, the "Ball Lock System Rafix" has become an unprecedented hit product due to the convenience created by its perfection and the reliability of being compliant with vehicle inspections.

The embodied evolution model is "Rapfix II".

[Caution] The main unit may become very hot due to direct sunlight such as in summer. Please be careful of burns.

Part names and specifications


Available in 5 colors!

Worksbell rapfix2 color

How To Use

1.Press the safety button

2.Pull the sleeve forward

3.The steering wheel can be attached and detached

4.When installing, push the steering wheel in to make sure it is locked.



At Works Bell, we actively challenge the development of materials and challenge manufacturing with originality and ingenuity. Rapfix Ⅱ uses original materials for sockets, plugs and sleeves.

The original material uses the forging method "type forging" (*1) used for high-end aluminum wheels. In the cross-section of the material that has been hammered and densified by forging, the metal structure is arranged along the shape of the "forging flow line" (*2), and the material is reborn as a stronger material.

Rapfix Ⅱ achieves a weight reduction of 174g compared to conventional products by using an aluminum sleeve.

*1: A method of deforming the metal by applying force below the temperature at which the metal structure does not change. Making a desired shape with a mold is called "die forging".
*2…"Forging flow" is also called "metal flow", and is a major feature of cold forged die-forged materials.

Weight Reduction ~ 174g Weight Reduction ~

In order to keep the necessary strength and reduce the weight, the RAPFIX II has changed from the steel material (mild steel) used in the old model RAPFIX to cold forged aluminum alloy A5056.

■Socket & Plug
Aluminum alloy A5056 cold forged material is used as before. The A5056 cold forged material has good alumite color development, and in terms of strength, it meets Works Bell's in-house design strength standards.

Proof of Safety

Unfortunately, inferior imitations of Rapfix are produced overseas and some of them are on the market in Japan. These imitation products have an appearance that is very similar to the "Rapfix" manufactured by our company, and in recent years, it has become a problem.
"Ball Lock System RAPFIX" is an important security part that is directly related to steering operation and directly linked to customer safety, and Works manufacture and sell products that ensure safety through various industrial tests. It is not difficult to imagine the high possibility of serious accidents, etc., if you mistakenly use inferior imitation products with significantly inferior quality and safety.

As a proof of RAPFIX's original product, the brand logo of "made in japan" and "WorksBell" is silk-printed on the sleeve, and the patent number is laser-engraved on the plug.

Quality improvement ~Surface treatment~

Graphics II not only improves the material strength by optimizing the material by cold forging, but also improves the texture and wear resistance of the product, and considers the surface treatment considering the environment. . As a result, the silver sleeve is specially treated and the black sleeve is hard anodized.

■Sleeve inner surface
In RAPFIX II, the sliding surface of the socket (the inner surface of the sleeve) is coated with Teflon, which prevents the socket from being scratched and smoothens the slide action when the sleeve is released.

■Socket & Plug
Just like the old RAPFIX, the socket and plug of the RAPFIX II are anodized to reduce abrasion caused by friction during use and produce a beautiful appearance.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg

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