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Weds Kränze Bazreia V2 19 Inch 3 Piece Wheels


State of the Art,
3 Piece Custom Wheels,
Made in Japan:
Weds Kranze Bazreia V2

Including Swiss homologation!

Weds Kränze Bazreia V2 19 Inch 3 Piece Wheels by Weds Wheels Europe


The Kranze Bazreia became a VIP Icon when it was first released in 2005, serving as the foundation for many VIP builds even after its eventual discontinuation in 2015. Now, the wheel returns, renamed as the Bazreia V2!

The Bazreia V2's design remains largely unchanged from the original design, minus a slight accent at the edge of the wheel face. The main changes are technical - the disk has been updated for increased compatibility with more cars. The current launch size is 19"only, However the widths available range from 7.5" to 15", with Lo, Mid, and H-Disk available on every single width.

Here are the available sizes and offsets of the Weds Bazreia V2:


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