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Warm Up Petrol Flush


    Warm Up Motor Flush

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    Cleaner for gasoline injection system. Anti-pollution, maintenance and service product.

    WARM UP® PETROL FLUSH is a synthetic detergent for gasoline fuels, single-point, multi-point injectors, direct injection (HPI) and carburetors. This treatment allows a complete cleaning of the supply line, protection of the injection system and an improvement in engine performance. It can be used as a preventive measure in the fuel tank but also as a curative by purging the injection system (application in the fuel filter).

    The advantages:

    Deep cleaning of the entire circuit:
    Charge pump, injectors, carburettors and combustion chamber.
    Removes combustion residues, scale, deposits and other soot.
    Anti-pollution action: reduces HC, CO, CO2 and PM.
    Reduces fouling of the combustion chamber and the E.G.R. valve
    Improves engine performance and applies anti-friction treatment to the needles of the injectors. Increases the octane number: +2 points. Improves valve lubrication.
    Inhibits the oxidation and corrosion process of the injectors and pump.
    Prevents wear and seizure of the injectors. Deeply cleans the injection pump.
    Compatible: E.G.R., F.A.P., catalyst, old and new generation engines, leaded and unleaded petrol, ethanol and biofuels.

    The strong points of this formulation:

    Contains the XT2® METAL ANTI-FRICTION process: to improve the lubrication of injectors.
    Contains the XT3 NANO-COMBUSTTM processes active in afterburning: to reduce carbon soot in the combustion chamber.
    Can be applied as a preventive treatment (in the fuel) but especially as a curative treatment by the fuel filter: it cleans the injection system and solves the initial seizing of the injectors.
    A detergent formula specific to petrol fuels in order to solve the fouling derived from this fuel (unlike 2 in 1 "petrol and diesel" formulas, which therefore remain less efficient). Completely harmless to materials and surfaces, it is safe for joints.
    Very good quality/price ratio.

    Dosage and application method:

    A 300ml bottle treats a full tank, apply before filling with fuel. Other: 0.5% in fuel. Curative application: engine running, mix the WARM UP® PETROL FLUSH bottle with the fuel and then gradually apply the mixture through the fuel filter or directly through the injection pump. Apply every 7000km.

    Do not apply in diesel engines (for diesel engines see WARM UP® DIESEL FLUSH).

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