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Warm Up Octane Booster


    Warm Up Octane Booster

    Increase power and engine efficiency

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    Octane enhancer for gasoline fuels. Exclusive detergent and lubricant formula.

    The advantages:

    -Increases power and engine efficiency.
    -Develops engine torque and horsepower (up to +5 horsepower).
    -Improves the octane number from +6 points (conventional use reference WU-OB375) to +10 points (competition use reference WU-OB5000).
    -Reduces rattling phenomena.
    -Prevents valve seat recession.
    -Decreases high temperatures.
    -Improves combustion.
    -Reduces engine fouling.
    -Avoids seizure.
    -Permanently lubricates the supply line, injection pump, injectors, valve seats and combustion chamber.
    -Cleans the injection pump, injectors and combustion chamber.
    -Reduces fuel oxidation and prevents corrosion.
    -Acts as a lead substitute for engines running on super or leaded petrol.
    -Applicable to all types of injections and petrol fuels: unleaded 95, unleaded 98 etc....
    -Safe for the catalyst and particulate filter (PAF).

    The strong points of this formulation:

    -Ultra-concentrated formula for competition.
    hyper-lubricant and anti-wear treatment of metal surfaces.
    -Contains a specific detergent for cleaning the injection pump, injectors and combustion chamber.
    2 packaging options available:
    - per 375 ml bottle: for a conventional city vehicle, processes up to 80 litres of fuel (or 1 full tank).
    - by 5 litre canister: for sports or competition use.

    Dosages and application method:

    Apply in the fuel tank before filling the fuel according to the indicated dosage and engine: Conventional city vehicle dosage: 1 375 ml bottle treats up to 80 litres of fuel, saving 5 to 6 points. Competition engine dosing to reach an index of 100 to 102: 5 litres of WU-OB5000 in 30 litres of fuel. To achieve an index of 102 to 105: 5 litres of WU-OB5000 in 15 litres of fuel. Do not use in diesel fuels.


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