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Warm Up Gold Formula


    Warm Up Gold Formula

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    The advantages:
    -Reduces friction, shear, wear and high temperatures.
    -Improves the anti-wear and extreme pressure properties of oils.
    -Reduces wear and tear and stalls on automatic transmissions.
    -Leaves a surface film of 1 to 3 microns, does not modify tolerances.
    -Increases the service life of parts and equipment.
    -Improves engine performance and lubrication. Restores compressions.
    -Increases and stabilizes compression rates. Removes holes on acceleration.
    -Reduces vibrations, engine noise and steering noise.
    -Reduces hydraulic push-piece, beer shell and camshaft noise.
    -Reduces mechanical gearbox scraping (hot or cold) and differential failures.
    -Improves flexibility and torque. Protects from cold start. Reduces excessive oil consumption. -Reduces fuel consumption.
    -Avoids engine tightening and seizure in case of low oil level. Protects during lift-offs. Can be used as a pre-assembly treatment for mechanical boxes.
    -Safe for the particulate filter, catalytic converter and lambda sensor.
    The strong points of this formulation:
    -Metal treatment, does not get lost when draining: remains effective 60,000 km.
    -Contains the XT2® METAL ANTI-FRICTION process: hyper-lubricant and
    anti-wear treatment of metal surfaces. Synthetic formula: contains no solid particles such as P.T.F.F.E., Ceramics, Silicone, Graphite, MOS2, Zinc, Metal or Moly (solid particles create instability in oil and agglomerations in filters). Does not change the properties and viscosity of the base oil (no filter change required). Does not get lost when draining (remains effective up to 3 times).
    -Acts by ionization to reduce oxidation, ideal for mechanisms sensitive to corrosion and seizure.
    -Multifunctional processing: 4T' petrol, diesel and biofuels engines (old and new generations), 2T' engines, manual gearboxes, power steering, differentials, grease, universal joints, bearings, caliper slides
    brake systems, hydraulic systems, chain, compressors, reducers, lubrication systems etc....
    Dosage and application method:
    -Standard engine (4 to 6 litres of oil): 1 bottle of 250ml. Others: 5% in oil. 2T' : 50% of the oil volume.
    -Mechanical gearbox: 10% in oil, automatic gearbox: 1.5% in oil, power steering: 3% in oil, self-locking differential without limited slip: 10% in oil, self-locking differential with slip
    limited: 1% in oil, fat: 10% in fat
    -Motorcycle: engine dry sump (5% in oil), gearbox dry sump (1.5% in oil), wet sump/bath
    oil (1.5% in oil)
    -Oil at temperature, pour in the dosage prescribed by the oil filling opening. Can be applied
    directly into the oil, requires no prior draining or filter change.
    -Can be applied as a curative or preventive treatment.

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