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50 % Until Liquidation Warm up Gold Formula 150

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    Warm up Gold Formula

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    Anti-wear and oil leakage stop for manual gearboxes.
     WARM UP® GOLD FORMULA 150 is a new technology treatment for manual transmissions. Thanks to its applicator tip and its 2-in-1 formula: anti-wear and oil leak stop, it is the ideal maintenance solution to fight against difficult passages, wear, noise and oil loss in manual transmissions.

    The advantages:
    -Reduces friction, wear and high temperatures.
    -Improves the anti-wear and extreme pressure properties of the oil.
    -Extends the life of the gearbox.
    -Facilitates gear shifting (reduces hot or cold scraping).
    -Reduces operating noise.
    -Improves flexibility and torque. Develops performance.
    -Protects against cold start.
    -Provides hydrodynamic lubrication under extreme load conditions.
    -Avoids tightening and seizing.
    -Treatment by ionization and surface film from 1 to 3 microns.
    -Does not modify mechanical tolerances (synchronizers).
    -Prevents and stops oil leaks.
    -Restores properties and re-inflates internal and external O-rings (ineffective on broken or cracked seals, no action on paper seals).
    -Can be used as a pre-assembly treatment for new manual gearboxes.
    -Compatible with gear oils for mechanical gearboxes (SAE 75 to 140) and mineral or synthetic hydraulic base oils.
    -Can be applied in mechanical gearboxes, sequential gearboxes and dry casings.

    The strong points of this formulation:
    -Formula 2 in 1: anti-wear and oil stop leak.
    hyper-lubricant and anti-wear treatment of metal surfaces.
    Contains no solid particles (P.T.F.E., ceramic, silicone, silicone, molyden, graphite), solid particles create instability in the oil and agglomeration on surfaces. No oil or oil change required beforehand.
    -Packaging with pouring nozzle for better application through the oil filling opening.
    Dosages and application method:
    -Standard manual gearbox (up to 3 litres of oil): 1 tube of 150ml. Other: 10% of the oil volume. Oil at temperature, pour in the prescribed dosage through the manual transmission oil filler opening. -Applied directly in the oil, no prior draining required.
    -Preventive or curative application recommended at each oil change.
    -Do not apply in automatic transmissions (for automatic transmissions see the

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