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Valenti Jewel LED Tail Lamp Ultra for WRX STi / S4

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Incl. Swiss homologation

JEWEL LED Tail light ULTRA for WRX STi (VAB) /WRX S4 (VAG)

Available with WRX STI/S4(VA#) and equipped with Opening and Locking animation





Opening and Locking animation※

Incorporating the style of European cars, these lights feature special start up and shut down animations when locking and unlocking the car.
This function adds a sleek sense of sophistication, and surely gathers admiration and attention to your vehicle.

Available only for a model with a keyless entry function.

*Wiring connection to Constant Power and Ignition Power is necessary for this function. Wiring kit included.

Sequential function

Our ULTRA tail lights offer sequential functions, adding animation to your turn signals. Despite its mainly Japanese audience, Valenti lights comply with safety standards in Europe, and has obtained the European E-mark.

The light can be switched to the traditional blinker mode by changing the wiring connection at the back of the tail light.

Side marker lighting

Side marker turns on as in conjunction with Position light.

154 LEDs 4 LED light bars in total for each set

Our LED light bars are 3D shaped to add extra dimension, creating a fantastic rear view that is guaranteed to draw eyes towards your vehicle. It creates a sophisticated look that is a good fit for all discerning users. This is an all-LED model that uses high intensity LEDs for all Position, Brake, and Blinker. These premium lights shine with such brilliance, we call them our Jewel LEDs.

2 color options to choose from

Red lens/Gloss black

Valenti Ultra WRX STI S4 Subaru Jewel LED Red Gloss Black

Light smoke/Black chrome

Valenti Ultra WRX STI S4 Subaru Jewel LED Light Smoke Black Chrome

Built in high flash control resistor

A high flash control resistor is built into the light’s housing, so there is no need to worry about the high flash (AKA hyper flash) phenomenon!

Installation is a coupler-on type that uses a stock coupler, making it very easy to install.


●Subaru WRX STIVAB :2014.82020.7 All grades

●Subaru WRX S4 VAG :2014.82021.3 All grades

NoteOEA may not function well with a vehicle installed with a 3rd party security system or a relay.

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