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Valenti Jewel LED Tail Lamp TRAD Sequential GT86 / BRZ

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Sold with Swiss homologation.

Valenti Jewel LED tail lamp 86 / BRZ "TRAD" series with sequential turn signal

Compatible models are Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ, which are compatible with all models from the initial model to the current model.

Now you can update the exterior of your vehicle in the latest in modern design along with improved lighting technology.

[Mounting image]

■ Sequential turn signal (flowing turn signal) adopted! * Conformity
to safety standards "Sequential turn signal" that conforms to safety standards is adopted!
You can easily change the settings of "flow" and "do not flow" with the wiring on the back of the tail lamp body.■ Total 116 LEDs on both sides (including the number of light bar LEDs) + light bar 30 LEDs
are used for the small lamp (light bar) on one side, 12 LEDs are used for the brake lamp, and 16 LED is used for the turn signal lamp.■ Coordination according to the body color is possible with 4 color variations!
Clear / Chrome
Clear / Red Chrome
Half Red / Chrome
Light Smoke / Black Chrome■ Easy to install!
The installation is a structure that connects with a genuine connector, and since the high-flare prevention resistance is built in the tail lamp,
he can easily install it just by replacing the tail lamp body!

[Lighting image (clear / red chrome)]

(Image subtitles translation: 1. Lights off. 2. Applied Brakes. 3. Position lights. 4. All lights on.)

[Sequential turn signal lighting image] (flowing turn signal)

Color lineup:

Clear / Chrome
Clear / red chrome
Half red / chrome
Light smoke / black chrome
■ Compatible model
・ Toyota: 1986: H24.4 ~ Model: ZN6
・ Subaru: BRZ Year H24.3 ~ Model: ZC6
■ Safety standard compliant
E mark acquired. It is a product that conforms to safety standards.


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