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    Tomei OVERSIZED OIL PAN for SR20 By Hanshin-Imports

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    The oil in the sump will forced to the side walls of the oil pan during side G force loads during Drifting, Time Attack and Drag Racing use. These problems can escalate to serious oil starvation in the engine when there is inadequate oil in the sump for the oil pickup which can lead to engine failure.
    This oil pan increases the capacity with an extra 600cc without compromising the ground clearance so really low cars will not have any issues. With the internal design featuring 2 swing back doors which further aid with holding the oil in the center of the pan for the oil pickup point.


    (R)PS13/S14/S15 SR20DE(T) 11111R520 410.- TTC ・600cc Increased Capacity
    ・Has Oil Temp Sensor Attachment (PT1/8)
    ・Non compatible with N14 Pulsar engines.



    The Silvia N2 race car was powered by a Tomei 270HP NA engine which back in the day was named the “Ultimate SR20 Race Engine”.
    The regulations prevented the use of a dry sump setup so under the extreme track conditions the standard wet sump setup had to be re-designed to cope with the requirements that the race engine needed. Road clearance was taken into account for the ultra low ride height of the car and even after all these years this oil pan is still popular with SR20 users.

    ■ Designed for G-Forces

    The 2 plates with the one way rubber valve made in the pan are specifically designed to keep the pickup submerged in oil at all times.

    The stock oil pan was not designed for the serious performance so when the oil moves away from the pickup and then if any air gets sucked into the lines. Then that brief moment when no oil is supplied to the vital areas, metal contact is made and unwanted metal friction in sensitive areas which then leads to engine failure.

    ■ High Strength & Accurate Welds,Maintain Road Clearance

    Our highly accurate welding on pan with our famous strict standards to ensure no oil leaks with the high quality welds and as a direct bolt on product as you would expect.
    Unlike the cast type oil pans this is made with stronger materials which will take a good hit and not crack like a cast based one would. Stronger and safer for your engine.

    ■ Optimum Oil Level

    The extra 600cc was decided as it was found to be the best amount to suit for the required performance to suit the needs of the N2 race cars in the past. Still to this day this is still the best amount for Time Attack, Circuit use, Drift and Drag Racing. Designed to maintain an adequate level of oil for the pickup to supply the engine without compromising performance with unwanted friction on the spinning crankshaft or extra weight.

    The combination of the spinning crankshaft and G-forces will cause cavitations (oil bubbles) at higher engine speeds which leads to erratic oil pressures and reduced oil supply to the engine.

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