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Toda Racing Mazda Mx5 B6 (NA6CE) BP (NA8C) Free Adjustable Cam Pulley

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    Toda Racing Mazda Mx5 B6 (NA6CE) Free Adjustable Cam Pulley

    Listed price for only 1 piece. You will need to order 2 Cam pullies to adjust both cams.

    1 in stock (can be backordered)

    TODA Racing cam pulleys allow precise tuning of camshaft timing. Adjustable cam pulleys are essential when using TODA camshafts or any non-stock performance camshaft. TODA cam pulleys are made completely from 7075 aluminium, a higher grade of aluminium than what our competitors use. The use of 7075 aluminium allows TODA Racing to offer the strongest and lightest cam pulley on the market. In addition, our advanced timing degree system makes TODA cam pulleys the most accurate on the market. For long term durability, the timing marks are machined into the metal.

    B6 (NA6CE) Free Adjusting Cam Pulley
    Type IN/EX common
    Part No. 14211-B60-001 ×2
    Price 190CHF ×2


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