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RS-R Lowering Springs: Ti2000 DOWN Subaru Impreza GT GC8


    Titanium Lowering Springs by RS-R Made in Japan.

    Including Swiss homologation.

    Available on backorder

    Ti2000 DOWN Lowering Springs made with light-weight Titanium by RS-R for Subaru Impreza GT GC8

    E: Including Swiss homologation.

    F: Homologation Suisse incluse

    D: Inklusive Schweizer Zulassung


    Approximate Drop/lowering:

    Front -35mm to -30mm
    Rear -35mm to -30mm

    Spring Rates:

    Front 3.3kg/mm
    Rear 3.0kg/mm


    The RS-R Down Sus Lowering Springs provides a mild drop and improved handling for drivers who are looking to lessen the fender-to-wheel gap.
    Taking into consideration the factory suspension geometry, shock dampening, spring rate and ride height levels, RS-R ensures that the springs you are getting were made for your car both for performance and for comfort.

    ・Ti2000 series

    The Titanium alloy we use in manufacturing is ideal for suspension kits and is extremely durable.
    The material is of the highest quality (and comes with an unlimited guarantee.)
    The Ti2000 gives the driver the maximum drop in ride height without compromising riding comfort. The driver will notice the difference.

    Ti2000 性能グラフ

    Due to the new materials used in Ti2000 we have been able to make a highly durable suspension coil with a smaller diameter and less spring coils.
    Because of this it has become possible to reduce the weight by more than 2kg.

    For example for the standard suspension used in the Altezza SXE10, four coils have a weight of 9.3594kg whereas four Ti2000 coils weigh only 7.0398kg.
    That is a 2.3196kg or 24.7% difference in weight.
    This reduction makes a noticeable difference in driving performance.

    Additional information

    Weight 15 kg


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