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RS-R Basic☆i Coilovers for Toyota Corolla Hybrid 2018-2020


Attention: Coilover picture is generic (variations might be visible on the actual product)
RS-R Basic i Coilover suspension for Toyota Corolla Sport Hybrid 2018-2020




Even though damper force adjustment for the model is fixed but we pursued a comfortable setting. Based on the Best☆i, Basic☆i system is designed simply with efficient cost.

The purpose of lowering your car and using wide rims is to give your car a sleek low appearance. However if doing this requires you to sacrifice ride comfort is it really worth it? With the Basic*i you don't have to sacrifice ride comfort thanks to our full-length adjustable mono-tube piston that maintains stroke rate even at the lowest possible ride height. The Basic*i is designed to minimize noise and give the driver comfort in any driving situation.

We promise a smooth comfortable ride that won't tire the driver out, whether driving on the highway or on bumpy city streets.


This product can be overhauled as all parts are purely made in Japan and assembled in our own factory. We would like you to use it at the best ride feeling for a long time.


 ・Mono-tube internal piston

The mono-tube piston relieves discomfort from push up due to its unique design. The steel body has an internal diameter of 40φ(46φ for strut type vehicles). This is utilized for increasing oil capacity and improving heat dissipation. Due to its large diameter, the valving shims can be fitted with each vehicle type.

 ・Damper specification

The ideal damping force differs among vehicles and it is an important factor in coilover performance. To find the ideal damping force for each vehicle, we consider not only damping force but also the stroke rate for both rebound and compression giving improved ride comfort while driving with a heavier load.

Various tests have been done, RS*R's original damper specification ensures the maximum comfort for driver and passengers in all driving situations.

 ・Full-length adjustable

Screw type coilover kit changes the distance between shock case and bump stopper so lowering the ride height means decreasing the shock stroke. However, our full length adjustable coilover makes it possible to lower the ride height with only changing the shock case. Because of this, our shock has enough stroke any time and does not sacrifice the ride feeling. So it will produce the comfortable ride feeling at any ride height.


The quality of the oil used in coilovers is extremely important due to the intense heat generated by the movement of the pistons. If the oil gets too hot it will affect damping force and in turn affect handling and driving stability. We use a top grade oil that not only is highly heat resistant but also gives the perfect viscosity (or thickness) for the damping specifications of each coilover.

 ・The Ti2000 spring

The Basic*i uses TMC's best selling coil spring 'Ti2000' which is an extremely lightweight and durable spring. The Ti2000 comes with 3 different spring rates allowing you to choose the ride that suits you when you order. (If you don't choose the recommended rate the ride height may differ from that listed in the catalog.)

 ・Upper mount

The Basic*i coilover kit uses the combination of an aluminum upper plate to reduce the weight and a rubber bush upper mount to minimize noise and friction. While the pillow ball upper mount (optional with the Sports*i) gives quicker steering response and sharper cornering the rubber bush upper mount used in the Basic*i gives a more comfortable and quieter ride. Strut type vehicles come with a camber adjustment function.

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