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    OS-250R 80W-250R gear oil was developed through a collaboration between OS Giken, a world-renowed racing parts manufacturer and a major oil company.

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    OS GIKEN OS-250R GEAR OIL for LSD 80W-250

    • OS.250R gear oil achives highly flexible operation while maintaining direct access to active timing of the OS Super Lock LSD. Because of the low temperature start characteristics of 80w desipte it's extremely high 250 viscosity, OS-250R gear oil effectively penetrates the gap between the friction disks of the super Lock LSD and promotes high protection performance.
    • Os-250R gear oil is based an PAO(poly-a-olefin) and Polyolester.It adopts  Sulfur, Phosphorus, and Boron additives through new developments while utilizing a specialized  friction modifier that is a suitable for a mechanical LSD. OS-250R gear oil reduces differential chattering/vibration and brings out the maximum performance of the Super Lock LSD.

    Size: 1 Liter

    Typical Properties OS 80W-250 GL-5
    SAE 80W-250
    API GL-5
    Flashing Point 208 deg.C
    VISCOSITY AT 40C, cSt 320.5 (40 deg.C)
    VISCOSITY AT 100C, cSt 43.7 (100 deg.C)

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