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Nismo SR20DET Engine & Transmission Mount Kit

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    Nismo reinforced Engine and Transmission mount for SR20DE and SR20DET Engines.

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    With Stiffer Nismo Engine and Transmission mounts, you will increase the resistance to wear (hi-power engines) but also reduce the shaking of the engine. This will improve the feel of the engine under acceleration, deceleration, braking, and cornering. This will allow you to get improved acceleration response and make shifting gears easier/quicker. Since most cars of this era have worn out mounts, rather than replacing the worn bushings with the OEM ones, take the Nismo 3 piece set that we offer. You will restore the car's original drive feel and even improve it!


    • Parts included in 1 kit: 11210-RS540, 11220-RS540, 11320-RS541


    - Nissan 200sx S14
    - Nissan 200sx S14a
    - Nissan S15 Silvia
    - Nissan 180sx (SR20det)
    - Nissan 180sx (SR20det)
    - Nissan Silvia (PS13x s14, s15)


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