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Motul 300V Le Mans 10W60 Engine Oil (5L)


    • 2021 new formulation of Motul 300V engine oil !
    • Viscosity grade : 10W60
    • Optimized for intensive use
    • Maximum mechanical protection and extreme reliability
    • Better engine efficiency
    • Biofuels compatible (inc. E85)
    • 100% organic using renewable base
    • High temperature stability
    • Long life
    • Sold per 5-liter can

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    Motul 300V Le Mans 10W60 Engine Oil (5L)

    New Motul 300V Le Mans 10W60 Engine Oil (5L) Specifications

    Result of Motul's perpetual innovation, the 300V engine oil has been synonymous with success for 50 years. Introduced at Le Mans 24h in 2021 and acclaimed by the best teams in the world, this new 300V range once again pushes forward the limits of performance:

    • Better efficiency: the new Motul 300V oil formulation reduces internal friction and guarantees an improvement in power and torque of up to 5%.
    • Extreme reliability: your engine benefits from a reduced wear and maximum protection without compromising its performance. The oil film has a high shear stability even in extreme conditions and under high temperature and pressure.
    • Modern compatibility: this new 300V formulation now meets even the most modern engines requirements. It is compatible with particulate filters, catalytic converters, and biofuels such as E85 or biodiesel, and protects against knocking.
    • Sustainable development: Motul 300V oil is not made from hydrocarbons or petroleum. The new 300V oil formulation is fully organic, based on renewable non-fossil materials, allowing Motul to reduce its carbon footprint by 25% during the manufacturing process.
    • New viscosity grades: the new 300V formulation is now available in 12 grades, from 0W8 to 20W60, and 3 packaging: 2 liter, 5 liter and 20 liter can.

    Grades from 0W8 to 5W30 are gathered under the 300V Power label and are intended for uncompromising performance: they provide maximum power thanks to their lower viscosity, and are suitable for engines with a low dilution rate. The 300V Competition series includes medium viscosity grades from 0W40 to 15W50. It offers the best compromise between power and reliability for engines with average dilution. Finally, the 300V Le Mans series is perfect in extreme conditions, especially for endurance races and drifting.

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