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HKS Super Air Filter Replacement


HKS Super Air Filter Replacement

  • 70017-AK101 S Size (255X143)

    S size
    Compatible with
    70017-AD102 70017-AN101* 70017-AS105
    70017-AD103 70017-AN103 70017-AS106
    70017-AH108 70017-AN107 70017-AS107
    70017-AH110 70017-AN108 70017-AT112
    70017-AH113 70017-AS101 70017-AT117
    70017-AH114 70017-AS102 70017-AT120
    70017-AH116 70017-AS103 70017-AT123
    70017-AH117 70017-AS104 70017-AZ101

         *Doesn't require cutting

  • 70017-AK102 M Size (249X232)

    M size
    Compatible with
    70017-AF101 70017-AT104 70017-AT124
    70017-AH104 70017-AT111 70017-AZ102
    70017-AH106 70017-AT115 70017-AZ108
    70017-AH112 70017-AT116 70017-AZ109
    70017-AH115 70017-AT121 70017-AZ110
    70017-AM105 70017-AT122  


  • 70017-AK103 L Size (345X197)

    L size
    Compatible with
    70017-AH111 70017-AT114 70017-AZ104*
    70017-AM107 70017-AT119 70017-AZ106
    70017-AN104 70017-AT126 70017-AZ107
    70017-AN105 70017-AZ102 70017-AZ111
    70017-AT105 70017-AZ103  

         *Doesn't require cutting

Doesn't require cutting

1. Remove Super Air Filter from a vehicle.

2. Disassemble Super Air Filter frame and dispose an old filter. In case if the frame uses metal clips, undo metal clips first, then proceed to removing the filter. Please be careful not to damage the frame.

3. Prepare a new filter by cutting a replacement filter material (this product), if necessary. (Details below)

4. Fit a prepared filter into the frame. Part with letters [○○○○-T] should be on the top of a coarse filter surface. Confirm that there are no gaps between the filter and frame sides.

5. Assemble the frame. In case if the frame uses metal clips, use metal clips to fixate the frame.

6. Install Super Air Filter Assembly into vehicle.
You may need to press on the assembly to fixate the frame when installing, as there might be a gap due to difference in thickness of the filter inside the frame in top and bottom part.

Instructions for Filter Cutting:

a. Lay old filter on top of the new filter material.

b. Trace edges of an old filter to draw a line for new filter with oil based ink pen.

Rough/Coarse Surface should face air inlet side, Finer surface should face engine side

c. Use drawn lines to cut out a new filter

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HKS product

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