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HKS Harness for Turbo Timer mt-4

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    Model: MITSUBISHI Lancer Evolution 1993-2000 Turbo ; EVO I-VI Harness Code: MT-4

    What harness to use? Check our application list: APPLICATION LIST

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    What harness to use? Check our application list: Application List




    HKS Turbo Timer Harness makes it easy and safe to install the HKS Turbo Timer. Take out the key switch wiring connector and connect the HKS Turbo Timer Harness for easy and reliable connection. 
    We recommend using the HKS Turbo Timer Harness with HKS Turbo Timer for best performance. ACC(accessory) might not work at the timer operation if used with other company’s harness with HKS product.

    The Characteristics of HKS Turbo Timer
    • The Turbo Timer connector has a lock which will prevent from detaching. (Some might not have it)
    • The vehicle will work the same way for the normal situation even when the timer is operating because IG1/IG2 and accessories can provide electricity.(How some features such as automatic seat position adjustment, steering tilt mechanism and remote door lock might not work for timer in operation.)


    * Stock or stock option Push-Start Engine vehicles are not applicable.

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