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GReddy Airinx Intake Kit TY-M052 for Toyota GR Yaris GXPA16

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    Improve Intake Efficiency and Acoustics

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    GReddy Airinx Intake Kit TY-M052 for Toyota GR Yaris GXPA16

    Greddy's latest 2024 Filter design, designed specially for the GR Yaris.
    Improve the intake and breathing of your engine with Trust Greddy's Intake kit with all the hardware necessary for installation.

    • Compatible vehicle model: GXPA16
    • Engine model: G16E-G Year: 2020.9~

    ※MXPA12 is not available

    The Airinx series:

    • A high-performance dry filter with a one-piece structure made of polyurethane.
    • The three-layer structure of steel net and high-performance fibre filter provides high rigidity and air intake performance.
    • The filter top, filter base, and pipe mouth are made of polyurethane, and the structure is integrally molded with the filter, so it has excellent flexibility, durability, and impact resistance.
    • By adopting a sub-filter [inverted top] on the filter top, a wide filter surface area is secured and suction efficiency is increased.
    • You can dress up your engine room with the laser engraved design on the aluminum top cover and the included aluminum emblem.
    • The filter can be cleaned not only by air blowing but also by cleaning. The maintenance period varies depending on the customer's usage conditions. The average mileage is around 5,000km with normal driving.

    *When using this product, the air-fuel ratio may become thinner due to improvements in intake efficiency and individual differences between vehicles, so be sure to check the air-fuel ratio at a specialty shop. Also, when using it in conjunction with other tuning parts, please check the air-fuel ratio in the same way as above.


    • Aluminum casting suction tube designed exclusively for G Yaris (GXPA16).
    • The air cleaner has a steel net lamination structure to ensure high rigidity and durability, and the use of a special high-performance fiber filter greatly increases suction efficiency.
    • Comes with a heat shield that prevents hot air from being sucked in from radiator fans, etc.
      The heat shield is made of black alumite, and the design maintains the image of the engine room.


    • Duct hose (50φ) included for introducing fresh air (installation of duct hose is optional)
    • Genuine EC compatible (If installed on a normal vehicle, it can be used without EC rewriting.) EC rewriting may be required depending on the vehicle situation (equipped parts).

    This kit is for Racing use only.

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