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GReddy Platinum 0W20 SP / GF-6A Engine Oil


Full Synthetic Oil specially Anti-LSPI

Available in 1L, 4L and 20L

GReddy Platinum 0W20 SP / GF-6A Engine Oil

Prevents the occurrence of "LSPI" which is a concern in direct injection downsized turbo vehicles.
capacity CODE
1L 17501404
4L 17501405
20L 17501406
Full synthetic oil/LSPI compatible/SP/GF-6A
 Reduce friction and improve fuel efficiency 
  • Full synthetic oil that has passed the API SP/ILSAC GF-6A standard.
  • Formulated with a special additive to prevent the occurrence of "LSPI", which is a concern in direct injection downsizing turbo vehicles.
  • It prevents high temperature deposits and low temperature sludge to keep the inside of the engine clean, and protects your car with its excellent anti-wear performance.
  • Ideal for 0W-20/5W-20/0W-16 recommended vehicles and maximizes the original performance of the engine.
  • It is a safe "MADE IN JAPAN" specially blended in a domestic factory with strict production control.
SAE viscosity number standard Kinematic viscosity ㎟/S(cSt) Flash point (℃) viscosity index Pour point (℃)
40°C 100℃
0W-20 SP/GF-6A 45.38 8.58 222 170 -45.0 or less

What is LSPI?

An abbreviation for Low Speed ​​Pre-Ignition (early ignition at low speed), premature ignition (fuel is ignited by another kind of spark before ignition at the spark plug) at low rpm and high load conditions in direct injection/downsized turbo vehicles.・Combustion occurs).

Damage to the engine due to this "LSPI" has become a problem, and one of the causes is that the fuel injected into the cylinder mixes with the oil on the wall of the combustion chamber, and the oil and fuel that is scraped up by the piston rings. and the deposits (incomplete combustion products) generated by combustion of the droplets, etc., can cause early ignition. In SN PLUS, "LSPI compatible performance" was added and standardized.

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