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Fujitsubo Catback Super LegalisR Exhaust for Nissan Skyline ER34

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    Stainless steel construction with a straight-through muffler design. Developed to be high flow with an aggressive exhaust note. The compact round-shaped muffler and large diameter tip are designed to pursue exhaust efficiency and at the same time reduce sound to acceptable limits. Slashed and straight tip designs are available to offer a sharp feeling.

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    Established in 1931, Fujitsubo have been manufacturing exhausts in Japan for many years, providing them with the sort of experience that’s required to craft some of the best exhausts on the market. A JDM brand in the purest sense, the quality, fitment and performance of their systems is second to none.

    Designed as a street-specific exhaust (only road legal in Japan), the Legalis R offers improved power and torque, whilst also giving a deeper exhaust note which isn’t overly intrusive. Constructed from mandrel-bent stainless steel, the Legalis R is an excellent system for those who want to replace their standard exhaust for a high-quality aftermarket alternative, but don’t want a loud or intrusive exhaust note of a race-inspired system.

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