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Dixcel Brake Pads Specom-Beta Rear Toyota GR Yaris

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    Dixcel’s Premium Brake Pads SPECOM BETA

    Developed for Endurance races like the Super Taikyu series!
    Superior pad life and brake stability!

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    Dixcel Brake pads Special Compound Series BETA Type Rear Toyota GR Yaris (GXPA16 GR RC)
    All Round Performance Pad
    • Developed for Endurance races like the Super Taikyu series! Superior pad life and brake stability!
      • The compound is based on the special compound that is used in Japanese endurance races.
      • Long pad life which helps the brakes be competitive in endurance races.
      • Stable braking power and brake feel even after long extended usage, which helps stabilized lap times.
      • Very stable brake friction level which makes it easy for the driver to control the brake power.
      Friction Materials Carbon Semi Metal
      Initial bite (µ) 0.48
      Average µ 0.40~0.43
    specom グラフ
    • The above chart represents evaluation values of Pads in the Specom series and RA in 100 phases in comparison with R01 of the test model. Values of R01 show 50.
    • Above values are calculated under test condition.
    Test data showing the superior performance of the Specom series.
    ■ The brake power tests at different temperatures (µ)


    Deceleration (G) = 0.5G fixed.
    The friction co-efficiency is measured at different temperatures with decelerating from 240km/h to 140km/h.

    ■ The brake power tests at different speeds (µ)


    Deceleration (G) = 0.5G, temperature = 500℃ fixed
    The friction co-efficiency is measured at different speeds.

    ■ µ Plot Shape

    This plot represents transition of friction level during a braking application.

    High initial bite type gives drivers reliale braking performance at the initial braking application. Easy to decelerate with small pedal pressure even on the long straight line. Good for cars w/o brake servo.

    Most common type in three types. Moderate braking force at the initial braking application. Easy to controll at the end of the braking application. Applicable for any car/circuit.

    For users requiring great controllability. Least initial byte in three types. Flat friction level enables great controllability throughout the braking application. Most stable performance under continuous severe condition (continuous change of speed/temperature).

    About the Specom Series

    DIXCEL offers technical support to the teams racing in the SUPER GT, the pinnacle of Japanese GT car racing; also series like Super Taikyu and Civic one-make series.
    DIXCEL does not stop within Japan; DIXCEL is the official supplier of brake pads and discs for the Volkswagen Scirocco Cup China series. The Specom series brake pads were materialized with the technology and data which acquired from participating in these races.

    The word 'Specom' may give a unreliable feel to a certain age group. A special compound can give you a win or loss, nothing in between; you never knew until you used it.

    Now, with time, things have changed. The DIXCEL Specom series is made to help achieve good results at a race. The unveiling of the new generation Specom series brake pads..... please experience for yourself the superb performance level of the Specom series.

    Explanation of Specom-α / Specom-β by Tetsuya Tanaka


    Tetsuya is a racing driver who races the Ferrari F430 equipped with the Specom-α brake pads in the SUPER GT series.
    DIXCEL interviewed Tetsuya about the Specom-α/Specom-β.
    This interviewed is based on testing with the DIXCEL Subaru Impreza GDB F-type equipped with Specom-α, and the DIXCEL Nissan GT-R equipped with the Specom-β.
    Please be aware that some of the commentary may be only specific to those vehicles.

    ■About the Specom-α
    • What was the feel of the Specom-α?
    • Compared to the 'Specom-β' and the 'RA-type', the braking power was a level higher. The brakes were easy to control and the pedal feel was just right.
      The braking power was so significant, that on a street-use car, the ABS would kick in.
    • What kind of competitions and conditions are the pads best fit for?
    • The pads are ideal when you are especially seeking brake power. They are ideal for time trials with high grip tires or you want a fast lap time with few laps.
      If comparing with tires, they are like having the special 'soft compound' for the fastest lap.

    ※The pads use special compound made for SUPER GT cars and formula cars which do not have brake boosters. Please be aware, if used on a car that is equipped with brake boosters, the brake pads may cause too much braking.

    ■About the Specom-β
    • Please tell me about the OEM Nissan R35 GT-R brake system.
    • I was involved in the development of the R35 GT-R, and the damage from high heat was a major problem. Since the car is very heavy, running aggressively on the race circuit causes the oil and water temperatures to rise. The car is also severe on the brakes and tires. Fast lap times are possible on the first few laps, but fast lap times becomes more difficult on long extended runs. Still, the brakes are able to complete thirty minute runs on a circuit, so a complete product for an OEM brake system.
    • Tell us about the difficulties in the development of the Specom-β
    • As I said before, I was very concerned with 'heat damage'. At the beginning of the development, we were unable to solve the problem with the heat damage; the development team was struggling. Although as a result, I am very comfortable and confident of the final product of the Specom-β. The product was so advanced that the oil and water temperatures were starting to become a problem before the brakes. Next, 'pad wear'. Regardless of how high the brake performance, it's a problem if the pad wear is fast. At the end, we were able to extend the pad life to double that of the OEM brake pads. (The result of the race circuit testing of the Nissan R35 GT-R) The DIXCEL research and development team materialized the extremely difficult task of making a brake pad with high braking power and long pad life.
    • How do the 'Specom-β' brake pads feel?
    • Very stable with high braking power. The pads also feature superior pad life.
    • What kind of competitions and conditions are the pads best fit for?
    • If the statement is limited to the Nissan R35 GT-R, I can confidently recommend the pads for race circuit-use and street-use. Long repeated laps on the race circuit cause no problems; the brakes work well even with a light brake pedal touch which makes it easy to use on the streets. If you were to use the pads for racing, it would have to be for an endurance race; the long pad life and stable braking power is ideal for it. If comparing with tires, they are like the 'hard compound' tires for long stints.

    ※Please be aware that aside from the Nissan R35 GT-R which uses race quality brake compound as an OEM product, the Specom Series may increase brake dust and brake noise, and also decrease brake disc life if used on the street on a street-use car.

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